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20 Things to Ask Your Contractor


20 Things to Ask Your Contractor

In Basement Remodeling by Adam Jensen / March 5, 2019

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farmington michigan basement finishing project vinyl plank flooring and home barIt’s frustrating as a “good guy” contractor to hear stories from family and customers about their terrible contractor experiences.  Just this past week I have heard from my mother-in-law and a customer about the contractor that asked for all the money before they were done with the job.

So, now the contractor won’t finish the job and they didn’t build the job right.

This is why contractors have a bad reputation. There are a lot of good contractors out there, so here are some questions to ask the contractors you are interviewing.  And then you can make an informed, educated decision.

20 Things To Ask Your Basement Contractor


1. How long have you been in business?11. When will you finish?
2. Is your company a full service or specialty firm?12. Do you offer financing?
3. Are you licensed?13 .Do you do all the work yourself or hire subcontractors? ?
4. Are you insured? For how much?14. Will you be pulling the permits?
5. Do you have a showroom?15. Do you have any products specially designed for my basement?
6. How many employees do you have?16. What makes you an expert at what you do?
7. Do you offer a warranty?17. I don’t want any surprises. Will I be getting a detailed drawing, scope of work and guaranteed price?
8. Can I call references?18. Where will I be making my selections?
9. Can I go visit some of your past or current jobs?19. Do you have a designer to help me with my selections?
10. When will you start?20. Why is your price so different from the other quotes I got? What did you include or leave out?

The answers to these questions will help build comfort in choosing a good contractor. The contractor should be licensed and insured. He should be pulling the permit and be able to give you references for past and current jobs. Do your homework. Be smart and ask the proper questions. Shopping price isn’t always the best decision.