Basement Ceilings: Do You Know Your Options?

Thursday, October 18th, 2018 by Adam Jensen

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When it comes to finishing your entire basement you have a few different options when it comes to the ceiling. In the past the only main option for basement ceilings was dropping ceilings, nowadays there are more options to choose from. Depending on your design preferences you can transform the look of your basement with your ceiling. 

Option 1: Drywall Ceiling

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This look is the best way to make your basement feel just like the rest of your home. Access panels are added to the ceiling in the necessary places for you to be able to use shut off valves and other piping. When walking into a basement with a drywall ceiling it can often feel like a lower level of the home rather than a basement.


Option 2: Painted Ceiling

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Using special paint designed for ceilings, this newer option of a ceiling is gaining popularity. Painting the ceiling black will allow for maximum ceiling height as well as giving any space an industrial design. The ceiling simply fades away with the dark color, this is great for basements with lower than preferred ceiling height as it allows you to use every inch of height available.


Option 3: Drop Ceiling

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Drop ceilings have been seen as the default way of finishing a basement ceiling. They allow easy access to anything located above and can be easily swapped out if any water damage occurs. The good news is that we offer ceiling tiles in a bright white color which does not feel like the ones in your office. With the addition of LED can lighting, drop ceilings have a much cleaner look than in the past. 

Which option works best for you? 

When it comes to choosing the best option of a ceiling for your new basement our specialists will be able to help! They can help you decide which works best for your design and overall needs to make your complete basement healthy and functional. Give us a call when you're ready to transform your basement! We work out of Novi, Northville, Canton, Ann Arbor, and surrounding areas.

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