Orange Is Not Just For Halloween

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 by Adam Jensen

Orange Is Not Just For Halloween - Image 1

Orange Is Not Just For Halloween - Image 1It's Halloween! Everywhere you look you see pumpkins, costumes, and decorations. A common theme? Orange! The color orange is very eye catching and is often associated with Fall and Halloween, but can the color be used year round?

Of course it can! Orange is a great color to use for a pop of color in an otherwise uniform space. An orange couch or photo on the wall can instantly transform the overall feel of a basement. Small additions of orange such as pillows and blankets can also be a great way to encorporate the color. You can use this to make the space feel more friendly, modern, and inviting. 

The color orange is associated with joy, warmth, & sunshine! Who wouldn't want more joy? Rather than committing to a space painted orange, instead, use orange touches to add the warmth to an exsisting space. Orange Is Not Just For Halloween - Image 2

If your basement is needing some refreshment, try adding some of these pops of color. If your space needs a complete overhaul let us know! We work out of Novi, Northville, Lake Orion, Canton, and Surrounding Areas. Our specialists are ready to transform your basement from unfinished to unbelievable. We are the one stop shop for complete basement finishing. 

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