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4 Ways To Keep Your Basement Warm & Dry


4 Ways To Keep Your Basement Warm & Dry

In Products by Adam Jensen / March 5, 2019

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We hear these questions often, “Why do basements have a musty smell?”, “What happens if water enters my basement?”, “How do you keep my basement warm?”

These are all great questions to ask a contractor who may be finishing your basement. We have solutions for each of these concerns that will make sure your basement is comfortable and smell-free.


1. Santa-Fe Dehumidifier

Whether your basement is finished or unfinished we all know what it is like to walk into the basement and have that moist air hit you in the face. Well, that moisture needs to be controlled so that the cool basement walls don’t develop condensation on them and potentially lead to mold growth.

Our Energy Star rated, Aprilaire will eliminate damp, musty odors in your basement by drying and filtering the air. The Aprilaire is a powerful and effective dehumidifier that will handle jobs that are too much for standard dehumidifiers.

2. Cold Air Returns

I have seen and heard this question many times “How will you make sure my basement is not cold?” By running the heat ducts in the ceiling and adding cold air returns at the floor line of your basement walls, the warm air is pulled down to the floor creating a much more evenly heated space. This is the true key to heating and cooling a basement.


3. Mold-Proof & Water-Proof Materials

Using materials that are designed for the basement environment will ensure that you do not get the moldy, musty smell that is often attributed to basements. Materials such as inorganic insulation behind your walls and waterproof flooring will keep your basement from damage when moisture becomes present.


4. Bond Insulation

The use of proper insulation in your floor joists keeps energy and heat loss to a minimum while also reducing mold growth. Many times floor joists are insulated with fiberglass insulation that begins to grow mold as moist humid air leaks through the joists. Sealing off your floor joists with a mold proof insulation will ensure your joists are not a source of heat and energy loss in your basement.

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