4 Features Our Designers Love

One of the best parts of designing basements is that they can be a blank canvas to work with. Our designers are always hard at work developing spaces in Michigan that have unique design features to bring life to the basement. Adding these design features to the basement make the space feel more like the upper levels of the home. This helps the basement feel more like a lower level than a basement. Below are just a few of the design features that we love adding to our basements.

1. Archways

Just a few well placed archways can give the entire basement a custom feel. You can use archways in different ways! The one below is a great way to make a hallway feel more apart of the basement than a corner with multiple doors.

archway design feature in basement hallway in Royal Oak, Michigan

2. Accent Walls

Accent walls work to break up the traditional look of having 4 of the same colored walls. Wood look paneling brings a fun and creative look to an otherwise conventional space.

Accent wall in a bathroom

3. Bar Paneling

Basement bars are a great space to add in a few custom design elements. The backing of the bar such as the one below has a custom paneled design to it. Therefore, the basement has a more finished and custom appearance. This is a great idea for bars with islands and seating.

Bar paneling

4. Ceiling Detail

Creating ceiling detail can define a space while utilizing the ceiling height available. Working around the HVAC and pipes in the ceiling a design feature is created using an often overlooked piece of the basement. Not only can ceilings be used to define individual spaces, they can work well as a design feature.

Ceiling detail defining the spaces in this finished basement in Clarkston, Michigan

Our designers are here to help you achieve the look you want for you basement. If you are in Michigan and interested in receiving a free quote to finish your basement give us a call!

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