Top 5 Reasons To Finish Your Basement

Should I Finish My Basement? That is the Question.

There has never been a better time to finish your basement than now.

The list of reasons for needing more space in your home has probably never been longer. Whether you have a new work routine, changes to the kids’ school schedules, or your family are growing, one thing that remains the same is the space you have available in your home. Utilizing the available space you have is extremely important.

Everyone finishes their basement for a different reason, below are just a few of the most common reasons our homeowners have transformed theirs.

5 Reasons to Finish Your Basement:

1. Your virtual meetings keep getting interrupted by the kids.

The new normal is here… you’re working from home, virtual has become the new way of joining meetings, and the once quiet office has now been piled into your spare bedroom.

This is a very common problem for homeowners recently. If you do not have a designated place for an office in the upstairs of your home, your basement may be the perfect space to create the home office you need.

Adding a home office into the design of your finished basement is much easier than trying to convert an existing space into a makeshift office.

Even better, when the time comes where you no longer need a home office, this space can easily transform into another useful room for you and your family.

South Lyon, MI finished basement office with built in desk and large window

South Lyon, Mi Basement Home Office

2. You are tired of tripping over toys and want your main living room back.

This is the most common reason why our homeowners turn to Basements Plus.

Usually, when the second child comes around, it is almost a given that the number of toys doubles!

Because of this, your once beautiful, well-organized family room has been transformed into a playroom with a couch and a coffee table. Finishing your basement gives you an entirely new space to dedicate just to your kid’s toys and their own area to play in giving you your family room back to the way it was.

Designing a playroom for the kids into the basement can provide a designated place for toys but also for the kids to hang out.

Playrooms come in many shapes and forms from a section of the living room to a completely enclosed room with a door. Our designers can help not only create the space you need but also make the space as functional as possible.

You can’t shut the door to your living room, but you can with your new playroom in the basement.

Franklin, MI finished basement playroom with carpet and storage for toys

Franklin, MI Finished Basement Playroom

3. Your dining room has become the new homeschooling area.

Daily life has changed drastically for many of us recently.

Has your dining room become the new classroom? Complete with stacks of books, paper, and colored pencils?

Reclaim your home by creating a learning place in your basement. The kids can spread out without it impacting your daily routines.

A quiet, clean space that is designated for homework or studying can go a long way. Not only will you get your dining room back. But, the kids now have a space they know is available to be used for school things. Adding storage, extra seating, and plenty of workspaces will make homeschooling much easier on you and your home.

Berkley, MI finished basement with custom built basement art studio with washing sink

Berkley, MI Finished Basement Art Studio

4. Your mother in law is moving in or your kid is back from college.

Planning for another individual to move into your home can be overwhelming and stressful.

Creating a bedroom, or an additional bathroom, in a finished basement is the best way to leave the rest of your home clutter-free.

Even if these “plus ones” aren’t staying for good. It is always best to provide a whole bedroom and bathroom for any guest that pays a visit.

Adding a bathroom and a bedroom with an egress window also increases the overall value of your home!

Clarkston, MI home with large basement bedroom with egress window and plenty of natural light

Clarkston, MI Finished Basement Bedroom

5. You’re quite the entertainer.

Basements Plus is very well known for our beautiful custom bars and home entertaining packages.

Whether the big game is on or you are a huge movie buff. Our custom bars provide you with all the power of hosting the best get together for your friends.

Finishing a basement gives you the freedom to design what best fits your lifestyle.

Why not have a little fun with it? Having a bar in the basement clears up more space in your kitchen while guests have their own kitchen when they visit.

basement modern bar in Novi, MI with led glass shelving and brown rustic vinyl plank flooring

Novi, MI Finished Basement with Bar

Are You Convinced It’s Time to Finish Your Basement?

No matter the reason, our Specialists are here to assist you with creating the space that you need. Whether you are finishing your basement for added living space or a playroom for your kids. You will want to protect your investment by picking materials that will last for a lifetime. Research the materials being used for moisture resistance, durability, and comfort level.

Finishing your basement is no small task and requires lots of planning, research, and help from professionals. If you are interested in finishing or remodeling your basement, our specialists are here to help. We offer Free Consultations for complete basement finishing. Basements Plus is your one-stop shop to transform your basement into a brand-new lower level. We work out of South Lyon, Novi, Commerce, Washington, and surrounding areas!

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