5 Uses For Your Finished Basement

Finishing your basement gives you a ton of extra space at home. Unsure of how to use it? Check out these ideas.

Having a finished basement is a great way to add value by adding another space in your home to enjoy. A finished basement includes walls, appropriate flooring, can be wired for electricity, and even have proper plumbing. A dark and non-livable space can be transformed into a perfect new addition to your home. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making use of your new finished basement. Basement remodel ideas can include a bar, playroom, bedroom, living room, and even home theatre! 

Basement Bar Ideas

Who wouldn’t want a bar in their basement? This is perfect if you are the entertainer of the group. Many people have been taking precautions when it comes to going out and being in crowded places. By creating a basement bar, you can bring the party to your own home. Once you decide to turn your finished basement into a bar, the fun begins. Designing the look of your bar is what will make your space unique. Will you go with a jazzy feel and include some speakers to help unwind after a long day? How about some lights to make it feel more like a club atmosphere? Including a flat screen with some comfy chairs can give you sports bar vibe. There are no limits when it comes to basement bar ideas. 

Basement Playroom Ideas 

Any parent can tell you that if you have a kid, you have toys. If not organized properly, toys can take over your home. Remodeling your basement and turning it into a playroom is the perfect solution to this problem. Having a space that is dedicated for play and toys can be much easier to organize. The finished basement can include cubbies, bookshelves, and learning areas. Playrooms can function as classrooms as well, seeing as more parents are leaning towards homeschooling. You can choose to include desks, tables, and chairs for an even more versatile playroom. 

Basement Bedroom Ideas

One of the major benefits of finishing your basement is adding livable space to your home. Most finished basements can fit more than one bedroom. Adding a bedroom to any home is a plus. Knowing that you can convert your finished basement into a bedroom can provide peace of mind when it comes to having space for family growth. Adding a new family member, creating your own in-law quarters, or giving your teenager much needed space are all ideas on how to use and create a one-of-a-kind bedroom. A finished basement bedroom remodel also makes a great space for a guest bedroom. Allow guests to stay over your home while providing them with some privacy. 

Basement Living Room Ideas

When designing a living room in your finished basement, you can choose to follow the aesthetic of your home or create an entirely different design. By adding a living room space, you can have an area where larger families can gather. It can also be a space to relax on your own, on a big comfy couch, while not having to share the remote with anyone. Including a TV in your new living room space can make a great family movie night or a relaxing solo night in! You can find 10 inspiring basement living room designs in Michigan here ( Inspiring Basement Living Room Ideas | Basements Plus)

Basement Home Theater Ideas 

Talking about family movie night, what about a basement home theatre? Home theatres can range from simple to extravagant. You can choose from a giant flat screen or a projector screen, comfy couches or theatre style seating, and different sound and lighting options. Whatever you choose, it will definitely be a fun addition to your home. Look at different ways you can design a unique basement home theater here (Design A Unique Basement Home Theater – Basements Plus Michigan)

There are a plethora of finished basement ideas. Your finished basement can be a chic bar, an organized and safe playroom, the guest bedroom you always dreamed about, a living room for the whole family to enjoy, and even a full home theater. Schedule a free estimate today to turn your basement into the finished basement of your dreams.

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