6 Causes of Basement Moisture (and How to Fix Them)

When you think of basements, usually some sort of moisture comes to mind. Although basement moisture is common, there are ways to fix it once you identify where it is coming from and why. 

Clues There is Moisture in Your Basement 

When homeowners suspect basement moisture it is because they have spotted some clues.

  • Condensation

Condensation is usually found on the walls and/or floor. When the warm air hits the walls, moisture is created, and it is the reason you may see condensation. 

  • Damp Humid Air

Damp humid air can usually be noticed by mold odors. Mold has a very specific smell and once it appears, you definitely have an issue to deal with.

  • Rotting

Rotting is a sure sign of moisture/ water damage. Rotting can be found on wood surfaces or the edges along your basement floors and walls. 

Foundation Wall Leaks/Cracks

If floor joists are not connected correctly to the foundation walls, the walls can slightly move. This will cause cracks to form. Having cracks in your foundation is almost a sure way for water and moisture to enter. 

How to Fix It:

First you have to be sure to identify what cause the cracks. If the cracks were caused because of poor connections, correct footing can be put into place to seal the existing cracks and prevent future gaps. If the cracks were caused by water that was around the foundation, repairing the exterior drainage should be the first step.

Inadequate Grading

Ground water should move away from your house, not towards it. If you have inadequate grading, the opposite may happen and this will cause water to go inside. 

How to Fix It:

It is important that the dirt around your foundation be compacted. To fix inadequate grading, create a slope away from your house by building up the dirt. The rue is at least 6 feet. 

Window Wells

If your window wells are damaged or not working properly, any small rain shower can lead to a build up of water. This will cause leaking. Most people will be able to see the water coming in or the discoloration happening in the wall.

How to Fix It:

There are different methods you can use to fix water coming from window wells. You can have a new drain installed to help get rid of the water that is accumulating. If the gravel inside your window wells hasn’t been replaced in a while, it may be time to do so as well. Many homeowners opt for window well covers. These can be installed and can protect the wells from gathering debris that can lead to damage. 

Ineffective Sump Pit

Problems with the sump pump are usually seen in newer homes that have drainage systems.

How to Fix It:

Many problems have a DIY solution but this is not one of them. If you suspect you have a clogged pipe or a broken sump pump, it is best you contact a professional. This issue occurs under the surface and could involve having breaking the flooring. Experts will be able to fix the issue while causing the least amount of damage. 

Ventilation with Humid Air

Improper ventilation can cause humid air that can lead to moisture and condensation. 

How to Fix It:

It is important to have good air circulation in your basement. If you have a finished basement that has a bathroom or a kitchen, having an exhaust fan can keep the air flowing and stop humidity from occurring. Adding air conditioning vents can also be very effective and a simple project. 

Defective Gutters

Just like grading, gutters are meant to direct the water away from your home and its foundation. If the gutters are defective, the water is directed towards the foundation and make its way into the interior of the basement. 

How to Fix It:

Make sure that your gutters are cleaned regularly. Dirty gutters can malfunction and lead to a problem. If you do not have gutters installed, make sure to add some to your home. 

Get Help Eliminating Basement Moisture, Dampness, and Humidity

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