8 Things To Ask Your Contractor Before You Sign

Starting a remodeling project on your home is no small task. There are many different moving pieces when it comes to a large remodeling project such as a kitchen or basement. Everything from framing, painting, and flooring needs to be scheduled and completed in a timely manner to keep the project moving. Asking a few specific questions can help you gain much needed insight to how a company works to keep projects organized.


pen on paper with questions to ask your contractor


1. What is the schedule?

Just as important as when the project is expected to start and be completed is the daily schedule. Things such as when the framing should be done, when drywall begins, HVAC, electrical… All of these components of the project should be laid out clearly for you to be able to get an accurate idea of how long the project will take. Many times things such as permits and inspections can affect this timeline but having an actual timeline laid out is the only way to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

2. How do I know who will be here each day?

If the contractor is organized and has their processes in place they should be able to provide you some sort of calendar of who to expect each day during the project. This calendar will most likely not be exact as some days may stretch into the next or a gap may be placed to allow one segment to take a little longer without affecting the rest. But, a calendar should be able to get pretty close to how it will play out.

3. How will you communicate with me?

Know what to expect in terms of communication before the project begins. Will you have your project managers cell phone number? Will you have to call the office every time there is an issue. Setting your expectations of when and how you prefer to be contacted can go a long way in a remodeling project.

4. Will I be able to reach you at any time?

When will you be able to reach your project manager or the company doing work for you? Are they available after hours? What happens if something goes wrong on your project during off hours or weekends, you will want to have the piece of mind that you can contact your project manager for support.

5. Are you licensed and insured?

Checking to make sure the company you are working with is licensed and insured can protect you. Knowing that your home, the workers in your home, and the work they are doing is up to code is an important factor.

6. Will you protect my home from dust and damage?

Dust and small damage is difficult to avoid during a renovation project, but there are ways to reduce dust from spreading throughout your home. There are always ways to ensure minimal damage is done to your home during the transportation of materials and equipment needed for the job. Speaking with the company about how they handle these things is important before any job begins.

7. Can I see your work in person?

This is something that many people forget to ask. Seeing photos of a contractors work is one thing, but actually going out to see a contractors work in person can make all the difference. Being able to walk through a completed project and see all of the details can be the deciding factor to whether or not you choose a company to work with.

8. Do you have public reviews that I can read?

Reading reviews is very important. Check for bad reviews and good reviews. It is OK for a company to have a few bad reviews, but this is a good time to check in on their customer service. Are they replying back to bad reviews to follow up and make things right? Do they have a suspicious amount of perfect reviews. This is construction, not everything can always go to plan, even with the best processes in place. Checking reviews on public websites such as Google and Yelp can help you see what other people thought about that company.

Once you have asked these questions to the companies you are interviewing. You should have a good feel to how they operate, allowing you to make the best choice for your project.

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