Adding a Second Kitchen to Your Finished Basement

Designing a basement kitchen can be a helpful addition for special occasions or entertaining in your home. Learn about adding a second kitchen to your basement.

Adding a Second Kitchen to Your Basement

There are many benefits when to building your very own basement kitchen. Adding a second kitchen to your home may seem daunting but, with the right team, it doesn’t have to be. You can decide whether you want to create a small and cozy kitchen or a larger kitchen to entertain family and friends. Once the logistics of plumbing, electrical, and safety considerations are made, you can focus on storage, lighting, and style. 

Safety Considerations

Building a basement kitchen requires a certain amount of safety considerations. Since there will be cooking, you must be sure that the space has proper ventilation. Also, just as a regular home kitchen, smoke alarms should be installed to avoid any issues in the future. Ventilation is one of the most important components to figure out at the beginning stages of planning your basement kitchen. Using a range hood can help remove moisture, odors, and smoke from your kitchen. Professionals can help you with proper ventilation when working on your basement kitchen design. 


A working kitchen requires a good plumbing system. Your basement plumbing may dictate where your kitchen is located. All kitchens will have a sink and some basement kitchen designs include a dishwasher. If you already have a washer and dryer in your basement, plumbing may be easier. When it comes to components like plumbing and electricity, it is very important to consult a professional in order to avoid future complications. 

Electrical Outlets 

What’s necessary when building a kitchen? Kitchen appliances. Appliances consume a lot of power. This could mean that your basement kitchen may require specific circuits used just for the amount of power consumed by a kitchen. It is also important to have enough electrical outlets to accommodate the appliances that will be incorporated into your kitchen design. An average mid-size kitchen requires about 6 to 10 electrical outlets. An electrician can best help to avoid possible hazards or future outages.


  • Shelves

Shelves provide great storage and can also be designed in a variety of ways. Since this is a second kitchen, less storage space is likely required. You can consider floating shelves where you can display fancy glassware or bottles.

  • Cabinets

If you want to include more storage space for larger items such as pots and pans, cabinets can be built to match any design aesthetic you are working with. Cabinets can be built on the ground or upper cabinetry can be used in lieu of the floating shelves.

  • Pantry

If you are planning to make meals or entertain with a variety of snacks, you may want the option of a pantry. Building a pantry as part of your basement kitchen can provide a space to store food and will avoid you having to run up and down stairs during entertaining. 


Basements are usually known to have poor lighting. No one likes cooking in the dark! There are many different ways to bring light into your newly remodeled basement kitchen. One great way to brighten up the space is by using under cabinet lighting. Incorporating a beautiful light fixture or chandelier can also help with lighting while adding flair to your design. Many designers opt for using reflective elements such as mirrors or glossy tiles to help make the most out of the basement lighting. 

Style and Color

When adding a kitchen to your basement, it is important to choose the correct style and color. If part of your basement is already finished, you want the style and color to flow throughout. Get some ideas of different basement room ideas from our blog. If your basement kitchen is the first project you will be doing, you will have to consider what flooring you would like, what ambiance you want to create, how much space you would like to use, and what design would best fit your needs. 

Adding a second kitchen to your finished basement may seem overwhelming but it is definitely worth the effort. With the help of the right professionals, you can create a space that gives you extra storage, a place you can cook your favorite meal, and a space where you can entertain family and friends. Consult with a Finished Basements expert today! 

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