Top 5 Basement Design Trends for 2021

You have finally finished your basement, or you are about to!! (Hopefully with the help of Basements Plus *winks*) Congratulations!! You have put in the time, work, and effort to transform your once unfinished basement into a new, energy-efficient, blank canvas of a space that can become any room you want. There are several basement design trends to consider so…

The next question is, “how do you want to design your new space?”

Before you get lost in the list of different design trends of the last 100 years, first decide what you want your new room to “say” as you are walking into it.

Is this newly finished basement going to be your new office where you will work from home or start a business?

Is it going to be your spare bedroom where you would like to have family and friends stay over? Is this about to be your new man/woman cave?

Whether you are trying to have a space that screams efficiency, hospitality, or just a place to relax and be yourself, there is a trend that fits your personal preferences as well as the purpose of this space.

How do I incorporate trends into the design of my space that won’t become dated within the next 5 years?

“Try to save the “trendy” items for the accessories, or materials that can easily be changed out. For example, the hardware on the cabinetry brings a statement into the design. When that trend is over and done with, switch them out for the next big thing without spending a lot of money. Another way to incorporate trends into the designs is to keep it subtle and don’t go over the top with every different kind of trend altogether. Patterns are a good sign of the times and so are colors, so pick and choose what speaks to you most at that time and stick to one or two trends in a space.”

-Chelsea Christy – Project Developer, Basements Plus

Basement Design Trends for 2021

1. Old + New Design Trend

While this design idea may not be considered new in the grand scheme of things, it is a new take on an old trend. Designers are taking many vintage looks and incorporating them into their new themes for their homes. Many people are looking into the Victorian Era, Art Deco, or grand-millennial aesthetics (a.k.a. Modern take on Granny-Chic). It incorporates more florals and vintage prints. It is known as the anti-minimalist design.

One perk of this nod to nostalgia is that you have the opportunity to use pieces that transcend trends and become what is considered classic pieces and even art. In other words, you can get creative with that “one-of-a-kind” chair that you inherited from your grandparents that has been passed down from generation to generation to you.

Nevertheless, it is important to strike a balance between the old and the new. Otherwise, you may drift closer to looking more like an antique shop than that basement design of your dreams. For example, you may have found and restored an antique writing desk for your new space along with a Victorian-Era chair. That chair can combine with a more modern sculpture or painting to bridge the gap between the two periods.

tile flooring in basement bathroom with blue vanity

2. The Warm and Earthy Trend

Another classic interior basement design trend is the Warm and Earthy trend. While earthy may seem a little too on-the-nose for a basement in Michigan, this trend tends to be among the most hospitable decor trends. It is warm, inviting, and gives the idea that any person can walk in, kick off their shoes, and cuddle under a warm blanket in front of a fire.

While it may seem like the warm and earthy trend is just a lot of brown furniture, it can incorporate a lot of other rich colors such as burnt orange, wine-reds such as merlot, even olive green, and some darker blues. These colors work together to provide that home-y feeling that is a huge transformation from that dark and humid former basement.

vinyl plank flooring electric fireplace basement

3. Natural Materials Design Trend

Another trend for your basement remodel design is the incorporation of natural materials. This includes the incorporation of wood tabletops, ceramics, and leather furniture. It also includes the incorporation of plants. However, basements lacking ample sunshine is a major problem for live plants.

Note: While being a plant mom/dad may be on-trend for now, dead plants are not the way to go. You may have to splurge on some plants that are in the non-living/decoration only section.

This style also allows you to experiment with different fibers such as cotton, wool, or jute. This can include layering rugs and even utilizing different pillows made with different organic fibers for your couch and/or chair. This basement design trend allows for more exploration into the boho-theme without taking that deep dive into the 1970s (unless that is what you are shooting for).

Northville, Michigan basement with warm and earthy tones and trends

4. Sustainability Design Trend

With conversations about Climate Change and other environmental concerns circulating everywhere, sustainability is one of the hottest topics among basement design trends. Many people seek to find every method to decrease their carbon footprint and impact environmental health.

This has included using more recyclable products and incorporating more products made by companies that utilize sustainable practices within their manufacturing processes. This definitely takes a little extra research into how companies are run and what materials are being used. Regardless, many people find it worthwhile due to the peace of mind they have gained by knowing they have made the right choice for themselves, the environment, and their future.

Green Sustainable basement bathroom design

5. Minimalistic Design Trend

While Minimalism is considered more of a lifestyle than a basement design trend, there is definitely something to be said for the way these spaces look. These spaces are typically modern and clean with little to no embellishments. Modernism definitely takes on this to incorporate chrome for that untouched look.

However, minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean untouched. It just means “less is more.” For example, if you were to turn your newly finished basement into a spare bedroom but wanted to keep it minimalist, you would have a bed, a nightstand, a dresser, and perhaps a desk and chair. There would be very few decorative elements in this space. This space is the complete opposite of the Grand-millennial design. There is not necessarily a “statement piece” because you aren’t trying to make any other statement other than “less is more.”

large basement bedroom with egress window and plenty of natural light

When selecting colors for my space, how can I play with lighting to ensure that I am getting the best look?

“Lighting has one of the largest impacts in your space. This includes both interior lamps and natural daylight. Light also has different colors and temperatures. For example, soft white light bulbs give off a yellow, warm light whereas bright white or “daylight” bulbs give off a more blue, cooler light. Wall paint colors reflect this light, so try to match your warm colors (red, yellow, orange, beige) with the warmer lighting and the cooler colors (blue, green, gray) with the cooler lights. Coordinating color with light will strengthen the overall aesthetic.”

-Chelsea Christy – Project Developer, Basements Plus

Incorporate Your Style into Basement Design Trends

Regardless of what design you choose, we at Basements Plus hope that you are enjoying the process of remodeling your old basement into a new space that is suitable for you and your family.

We hope that it incorporates your style and personal preferences and becomes a tangible manifestation of your vision. We also would like to help make your process less stressful and more enjoyable by helping you with your remodeling process through the use of our products. Contact us at Basements Plus to chat with one of our specialists to see how we can help you.

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