Basement Remodeling from A to Z

Finishing your basement can be a bigger job than you may think. This A to Z list of basement remodeling can help you make the best decision as to hiring a contractor and ensuring a pleasant remodeling experience. Everything from searching for a contractor to deciding what type of spaces you want in your new space needs to be researched.



Having good airflow is extremely important when properly heating and cooling a basement

bond insulation in ceiling joists in basementBond Insulation.

The fiberglass insulation between your floor joists can be the source of mold and major energy loss.


Make sure you are given the opportunity to sit down with your contractor and discuss your needs and wants to be sure they know what you are looking for.


Your basement can be designed to match the rest of your home or it can have a truly unique design.

Egress Window.

Does your basement have a means of egress? Check your local building codes to see if you need an egress window.

Floor plan.

A well thought out floor plan can make all the difference in a basement.


Test your home for radon gases to make sure your family is safe.


Using a dehumidifier such as our Santa-Fe will ensure that your basement air is warm and dry.


A detailed inspection should be completed to address all potential sources of water damage and mold.


Your joists can remain exposed and be painted black to give your space an industrial design while offering maximum ceiling height.


Find a company that specializes in the work you want to have done to make sure they have adequate knowledge in doing it the right way.

Finished basement with living room office and bar area in Novi, MichiganLower Level.

Your new lower level should be seen as a lower level and not just a basement.


Make sure you use materials that are designed for the basement environment.


Niche spaces such as underneath your staircase can be a great way to add storage to your basement.


Look for a contractor that has an organized process from the beginning to the end of the project to ensure a good remodeling experience.


Your contractor should be able and willing to show you photos of their previous work.


Your quote should include everything that will be needed to complete your job, there should be no hidden fees.


Research different contractors to make sure you find the best one for your specific project.


Make sure you know how long the project will take and when workers will be in your home.


Look for a contractor that has plenty of customer testimonials from homeowners.


Ensure that you have a good understanding of what your new space will look like and that you approve of the final design before construction begins.

Basement flooring vinyl plank dark brown in Rochester, Michigan

Vinyl Plank.

Using Vinyl Plank flooring will give you the look of wood flooring while remaining water-resistant.


Ensure your contractor has a written warranty for the work being performed during your project.


Get a copy of your contractor’s building license and insurance.


Create the dream basement you have been yearning for that your whole family can enjoy.


Do you know what types of spaces you want in your basement? Create a list of your top 5 spaces from most important to least. These include things like a home office, bathrooms, and bars.

 Hopefully, our list has helped you think about some of the aspects required to finish your basement the right way the first time. If you are in Michigan and looking to get a quote on finishing your basement give us a call! We work out of Madison Heights, Belleville, Westland, Berkley, and surrounding areas!

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