Create a New Lower Level Rather Than A Basement

Your basement doesn’t have to be boring and dull. Many things can be done to take your space to a new level. Using design features and a proper flow in the basement can make all the difference. Here are a few things that you can do to help create the basement you have always wanted:

Finished basement components

1. Crown Molding

Adding crown moldings in your basement can really create a much more welcoming and finished space. Not only does it add value but it will allow for the lower level to feel more like an upper level of the home in terms of style and quality.

2. Entertaining Space

Having a defined area for entertaining purposes can really help make your basement feel like the rest of your home. It becomes a natural place to hang out and is always available. Creating a bar space also allows for more places for guests to gather around to enjoy the lower level.

3. Living Space

Creating a seating area for relaxing and watching movies is a great way for your basement to become a lower level. Incorporating furniture similar to that in an upper level of your home will create a nice flow that continues throughout your home.

4. Post Wraps

Covering up support poles with a post wrap such as this paneled square PVC wrap will make your space feel complete with a more traditional feel. A more contemporary feel can be accomplished with a standard square post wrap as well, without the paneled look.

5. Stairway

Having an open view or open rail staircase can be a great way to finish off a beautiful lower level. The staircase is the first and last thing guests see when entering or leaving the basement, so why not make them look as nice as the rest of the space. Having an open rail staircase also creates a larger feel for the space.

Creating and designing new lower levels is what we do. See what our Michigan- based designers can do for your basement by contacting us today!

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