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Do You Know Whats Included In Your Contract?


Do You Know Whats Included In Your Contract?

In Basement Remodeling by Adam Jensen / March 5, 2019

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Buyer Beware! Before you sign any home improvement contract you need to know exactly what is included. Make sure your contract spells out the brand, collection, quantities and even serial numbers, if necessary, for each item listed in your contract. Clearly describing all of the elements of a contract keeps surprise costs, change orders and additional charges to a bare minimum.

Many times homeowners will accept the lowest quote they receive without knowing why it’s lower. These low quotes may not include everything that is needed in the project. If things are not listed in the quote you will be adding them on during your project increasing the cost and adding extra time to the project. Things such as the cabinet styles, the amount of flooring, light switches, and recessed lighting should all be listed out for you to see in the quote.

At Finished Basements Plus we start with a detailed inspection process for each basement. This inspection is the basis for what kind of materials should be included in the basement contract. Following the inspection, a detailed contract is written which includes product specifications and descriptions. This level of detail ensures that the homeowner knows exactly what they are buying and that there will be no surprise or hidden costs.

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