Basement Remodeling and Home Value

What are the biggest things you look for when touring a new home? Kitchen, bathrooms, living area, and the basement?

A nicely finished basement completed at the same quality as the upper levels of your home can boost your home’s marketability to potential buyers.

Modern finished basement in Novi, Michigan

While looking for a new home, many homeowners want to look at the basement during the initial walk through. When the basement is unfinished with visible leaks and cracks, it is seen as a liability to the buyer.

When potential buyers view your home and see that it has a nicely finished basement, it makes it much more approachable. The idea of not having to finish the basement on their own is beneficial to them and you as the seller. Having an unfinished, damp, smelly basement can push people away from your home. Having cracks in the foundation and water damage from leaking will turn away some potential buyers.

Another thing to think about when selling your home and wondering if you should finish your basement is will this differentiate your home from the one across the street?

Finishing your basement correctly can not only add more livable space to your home but it can also increase its marketability. Having the benefit of a finished basement can make buyers want your home over your neighbor’s of the same type. Knowing that there are no moisture issues in the basement can create piece of mind and eliminate the fear of having to tackle that project at a later date for more money.

When finishing your basement to increase marketability there are things to keep in mind to get the most out of the renovation:

1. Make sure the quality of the job is to the same standard as the upstairs of your home.

2. Your basement should be positioned an extension of the rest of your home and that’s how potential buyers will want to see it.

3. Think of how other people will use the space, a living area, extra entertaining space, storage. Keep the design standard and usable for everyone.

4. Creating spaces that are usable by everyone rather than a specific group of people can help make your home more appealing to most buyers.

Get the most out of your home, finish your basement and create a new lower level! See what our designers can do for your basement by contacting us today! Our service area includes South Lyon, Commerce, Macomb, Washington, and surrounding areas in Michigan.

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