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Does Your Contractor Warranty Their Work?


Does Your Contractor Warranty Their Work?

In Basement Remodeling by Adam Jensen / March 5, 2019

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An email from one of our homeowners complementing our repair work brings us to the question. Does your contractor warranty their work?

“Thanks for the follow-up and for backing up your work.  Much appreciated. -Mark.”

Having a warranty program in place allows us to stand behind our work if there is ever an issue. We want to ensure our homeowners that we stand behind our work and will be there for them even after we complete their project. Our lifetime warranties allow you and your family to enjoy your new space for years to come without worry.

So, what happens when your home improvement project is completed and something goes wrong? Is your contractor going to come back out and fix it?

We often hear about the “Friend of the Family Handyman” that can handle any home improvement project. This is nearly always followed with either how they did a poor job, something went wrong, or they are not available to come back to make repairs. These kinds of contractors may have the lowest quote but will not always be there for you during and after your project.

Make sure you hire a contractor with an established warranty program for issues that may appear down the road after your project is completed. Hiring a contractor that will back up their work and come back for repairs will ensure that your financial investment is protected.

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