3 Helpful Tips To Remove Smoke Smell from House

It is a well-known fact that guy’s night is an essential part of any good friendship. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, and night in playing cards or watching your favorite Michigan sports team with the guys is something we all look forward to. Even more important than the event itself; is the opportunity to host it, but here is the situation:

You and your significant other have recently finished the basement and you have been dying to show off your new card or pool table and 60” Plasma HDTV you put down there. There is one problem, your friends have a ritual of smoking cigars during previous outings and you know your wife would be upset if she came home to a smoky smelling brand new basement after just one party, so you have been hesitant to host the event.

How to get the smoke smell out of your house:

1. The Dryer Sheet in the Air Vent

This solution is only temporary and really will only mask the smell for a short time period but it will leave your basement smelling like a fresh load of laundry for a good half day. Simply close the vent or shut off the air so there is no air coming out of the vent. Then slide the dryer sheet in the vent. Make sure you leave a small corner sticking out so it is easy for you to remove it when it comes time. Once you turn the air back on, the dryer sheet will stick firmly to the face of the vent while adding a fresh flowery scent to the room. If it is a larger room, do it to multiple vents.

2. Baking Soda

This tip is from www.getridofthings.com, in Author: Jonathan Hatch’s article, “How to get rid of smoke smell”. Jonathan Wrote, “Baking soda is a good way to get rid of smoke odor. Now, this takes time because what you want to do is get a box of Arm & Hammer, dust the furniture and the carpets (if they haven’t been shampooed), and leave the baking soda to settle for a day or so. That will give it time to absorb some of the smoke smell and moisture around it. Then, vacuum it up and repeat the process a few more times over the course of a week. Use scented baking soda if you like.”
Another way to use baking soda is by simply placing baking soda in bowls of water around the space. This will soak up the smell of any odor in the room.

2. Call a Professional

Lastly, because the U.S., including Michigan, is a place where any type of demand can be met with a business, you can actually call a service that specializes in removing smoke odors. These services are most likely similar to a carpet cleaning company, but they will shampoo your rugs; furniture and curtains with a cleaner that is made to get rid of the smoke smell. This type of service is more useful to the home that takes everyday smoke abuse, but if the smell is that bad after one time, it can’t hurt.

Remember, these tips will actually work on others odors as well, if you have any other good remedies please comment, we would love to hear them!

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