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How to Hide That Unsightly Sump Pump


How to Hide That Unsightly Sump Pump

In Design Tips & Tricks by admin / July 20, 2016

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The lower level of your home is full of obstacles that may not be such an issue in the upper levels of your home. Things such as your furnace, water heater, sump pump, water meter, and various PVC pipes, can create a headache for you when trying to design a new space.

These obstacles make a well thought out floor plan and creative solutions that much more important. One obstacle is your sump pump, which is often in a corner of the basement and can be difficult to hide without building a closet around it, which can take up precious space!

With some creativity, your sump pump won’t be such an issue when trying to design your dream basement. Creative solutions can be made to work the sump pump into the design of the space. It can be accessible and hidden at the same time without taking up additional space.

We recently finished a basement in which the sump pump is hidden inside the cabinets of the bar space!

This is a perfect solution that still allows the sump to be accessed when needed yet cleverly hidden. The shelf in this cabinet can be removed in order to access the Sump whenever needed. If there is no cabinetry to be placed around the Sump, custom benches can be made to cover it instead! All allowing for the same, easy accessibility.

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