How to Prepare Your Home for a Feast

Every holiday season is full of family and friends coming together to celebrate and catch up on everyone’s busy schedules. But that one person who courageously volunteers their home for the festivities is most likely planning how to fit everyone in their home. You have an open room with a ton of space to fill, what do you do to make the most of your square footage?

During the holidays, you want to feel cozy and close to your loved ones without feeling overwhelmed by not having your own space to relax. To create that, you need to intentionally create separate areas, which will help you use the whole room. It will also create a smooth traffic flow throughout.

blankTo get started, you’ll need to pick a focal point, whether it’s a fireplace, TV, kitchen, island, bar, etc. Determining what and where these separate spaces will be is one of the most challenging parts. To help with that, you can put rugs down to help visualize the space that needs to be decorated. Think of what you want to use each space for. For example, a reading nook, game corner, dining room, or main living room area. Having these spaces helps create more intimate conversations with your loved ones. From there, you need to add the corresponding furniture that goes with your style.

Sometimes, less is more as far as decorating with small pieces. It is easy to create clutter that makes the space seem smaller than it is. Using the same color scheme with complementing colors in different tones throughout the room will complete the look and will also add depth. To keep the space cozy, include family photos, candles, a decorative blanket, favorite books, etc. You can also add curtains to windows to make the room feel softer.

These tips should help you create a perfect setting for all your holiday celebrations!


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