Industrial Basement Ideas

Are you looking to remodel your formerly unfinished basement but have a certain attachment to that unfinished basement “vibe”? Then the industrial chic design aesthetic may be the approach for you. The industrial design is based on the look and feel of old factories and industrial spaces of the past. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about issues like asbestos or other environmental issues, because you are creating this design on purpose and hopefully with the intention of keeping everyone around you healthy.

When considering your industrial basement ideas, you are going to want to consider the same aspects as any other design aesthetic from the walls, flooring, ceilings, and down to the smallest details of decor. We at Basements Plus look forward to helping you with this.

What is an Industrial Basement?

When you look at images with the industrial design aesthetic, you will often see a lot of modern styled apartments with the exposed brick. You may see more of an exposed ceiling with the support beams showing. You are going to see a lot of raw or raw-looking materials.

When applying this to your industrial basement ideas, you are going to be looking for the same thing. Maybe you are not 100% sold on covering all of your brick walls. Maybe that flooring has something you can work with. Maybe, in the case of people that are starting on their unfinished Michigan basement from scratch, you have to bring in the aesthetic you are looking for. Either way, the design is still achievable.

Designing Your Industrial Basement

As you explore your industrial basement ideas, you are going to have to break down each element of your basement and decide how you want to incorporate the aesthetic into your space. Some of the tips are universal, but others may be more specific to the type of room you are looking to create.

Industrial Basement Flooring

Industrial basement flooring ideas are often muted and not quite as eye-catching. Where in other aesthetics, the flooring is a part of the creative expression, in the industrial aesthetic the flooring is more of a frame for the creative expression. It is not meant to be remarkable in and of itself. It is meant to be a blank canvas to present your design on. Think of it as a cutting board that you want to make a charcuterie board with. The cutting board is nice and a great idea for the serving dish. However, no one is really marveling at the cutting board nearly as much as the assortment of cheeses, meats, crackers, fruits, jams, etc.

Your industrial basement flooring ideas should have a similar intent. Many people utilize more worn and rustic-looking materials to achieve this. We at Basements Plus offer vinyl plank flooring that could work well for this aesthetic. If applicable, some people actually just try to work with the concrete slab foundation to generate a flooring idea.

Industrial Basement Ceiling

An industrial basement ceiling plays well with that old factory look that we are looking for with this idea. If you close your eyes and imagine what those old factories may have looked like back in the 20’s up until probably the 70’s in many cases, you would probably notice the exposed look of the ceilings. You would see the beams, wiring, caulk, and everything. It may look as if there is very little separating you from the outside the more you look at it.

The industrial basement ceiling gives you all of those feelings and vibes without the fear nagging in the back of your head that the roof could cave on you at any second. Because you are in the basement, the roof is at least one entire level above you, and if your foundations are good, you aren’t in any danger. Nevertheless, you can still have the look with the assistance of strategically placed structural beams, ceiling fans, and how you paint the ceilings to fit your overall design. Basements Plus has the option of utilizing the painted joisted ceilings. It allows you to have that exposed ceiling look without having to see all of the electrical wiring and all of the things that could ruin the fantasy.

Industrial Basement Walls

When it comes to the walls, the industrial design pretty much leaves them stripped pretty clean. You are going to see things like exposed bricks and drywall. With regards to your basement depending on how finished your basement is before you start with the renovations, you could incorporate some of those aesthetics before you finish the renovations. If your walls are brick, perhaps you can leave one wall exposed. The only issue with that is insulation, but if there is a solution that allows you to do that and maintain your insulated home, why not try it?

Basements Plus utilizes materials that are great for preventing water damage and mold. While the walls may be a little trickier to utilize in other design aesthetics, the Mold Defense Drywall could easily be incorporated into your new aesthetic with just a bit of creativity.

Industrial Chic Basement Decor

The industrial decor can be as minimalistic or extravagant as you would like. However, typically you mostly see more of a minimalistic take on the industrial chic design. You may see some very innovative storage options where you can incorporate different styles of art into functional pieces for your space. Also, don’t be  afraid of color. There are plenty of rich colors such as burgundy, darker greens, and navy blues as well as vibrant colors such as salmon, yellow, or purples that are great accent colors for this space.

Industrial Basement Bars

Where does a factory worker like to go directly after work? To the local watering hole, of course! Why not let that be your inspiration for your industrial basement bar ideas? Typically, the dive bars are great inspiration minus some of the grunge-ness, unless that is your thing.

You can incorporate the traditional L-shaped or a linear bar into your space and have your favorite spirits, mixers, beers, and beverages stocked behind the bar. The best part is that your refrigeration will be 100% modernized, so you can incorporate whatever special treats you want into your new bar. Also, you can shower right after work and just walk to your new bar.

Industrial Basement Bedrooms

Need a newly industrial bedroom or want to have this space all for yourself (and maybe a partner)? No problem. Feel free to incorporate plenty of funky ideas into this space. Because this design aesthetic is based more in the Industrial Age of history, perhaps you are interested in incorporating more steampunk elements into this space. Some great inspiration could be movies such as Sherlock Holmes or even Fantastic Beasts.

Industrial Basement Bathrooms

This is another space where the creativity is within the details of the decor. Plumbing was not always as great as it is back in the day, so perhaps it isn’t a good idea to bring in a toilet directly front he industrial era. However, you could look into some appliances such as clawfoot tubs and certain sinks that give a similar vibe. Also, your wall decor could incorporate more elements that will have you almost feelings as if you have stepped back in time.

The Best Industrial Basement Combinations

Rustic Industrial Basement Design Ideas

Depending on how you look at it, the industrial design could very easily be seen as very rustic. It incorporates the use of exposed walls, muted flooring, and painted joisted ceilings. Also, let’s not forget the worn look to a lot of the furniture that is characteristic of certain time periods.

You could definitely incorporate these elements with no problem. The rustic industrial basement design also allows you to incorporate more colors and patterns that may have seemed unavailable to you before.

Modern Industrial Basement Design Idea

Because the modern design is really just a bunch of rules that are open to interpretation, this is also a perfect mashup for the industrial design as well. In fact, modern industrial is typically what we see when we are looking at those loft spaces with the industrial look. It is in fact modern industrial.

Modern industrial incorporates the structure, clean lines, and lack of clutter that we see in the modern design while incorporating the style of the industrial design. Think of it as a factory that started listening to all of the regulatory offices that make things safe for workers. You aren’t going to see a lot of unnecessary clutter. You are going to see one main color being featured either white, black, or a range of greys. You are going to get to play with a lot of different textures and materials from velvet to metal.

It is definitely a way to exercise that creativity within limits which can be tons of fun.

Read more about ways to incorporate modern industrial design into your basement in our blog post.

Industrial Farmhouse Basement Design Ideas

This is the mashup that may seem a little paradoxical. However, just because it may be a challenge doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. The farmhouse design aesthetic is about maintaining that approachable, relaxing, home-y status. This is still achievable with some industrial elements. You are going to keep with the bright and approachable theme. You will have bright white walls, light colored flooring and ceilings. You can incorporate mirrors and different sorts of lamps and other design elements. However, you can incorporate more furnishings that are industrial such as metal framed couches, chairs, and/or beds. Your book shelves could be metal. You can incorporate steampunk into your space as well.


The industrial chic design aesthetic is probably one of the more adaptable design ideas out there. While it is easy to create an image directly from a picture, it is also fun to leave this concept up to interpretation which can be easily done here. For all of your needs in renovating and remodeling your unfinished basement, contact Basements Plus TODAY for a consultation on how to create the space you’ve always wanted.

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