Maximizing Light in Your Finished Basement

Looking for the best basement lighting ideas? Maximize the light in your finished basement with our tips that will help make your space bright and livable.

No one likes a dark room. The same goes for your finished basement. If you are looking to maximize the lighting in your basement, there are a different options, including natural and artificial lighting. By coming up with a design and working with your existing floor plan, you can ensure that you have a beautiful well-lit space.

What Type of Basement Lighting Are You Looking for?

There are two ways you can introduce lighting into your finished basement. The first is natural lighting. Natural lighting can be achieved using sliding windows, awning windows, or egress windows Egress Windows 101 for Your Basement Remodeling Project. Some homeowners prefer natural lighting, and, with the adequate floor plan, this can be achieved. Electrical lighting can be done in a variety of ways. Some ways include using track lighting (lights are fitted on tracks, allowing variable positioning), recessed lighting (installed into a hollow opening in the ceiling), pendant lighting (long light fixture that hangs), and mounted lighting (sits on top of a flat surface). If you have different rooms in your basement, you can choose different options depending on the style you are trying to achieve.

Consider Your Finished Basement Floorplan

Your basement floorplan will have a big effect on what basement lighting you will choose. Some floorplans may lend themselves to natural light because of window placement. If you want to add windows, you need to make sure they are properly placed. For example, if you are making a movie room, you want to avoid glare on your new big screen. Going over your lighting preferences and how they can work based on your finished basements floor plan, can be discussed with your contractor and designer to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

Finished Basement Lighting Style

Lighting can change the mood in any room. If your basement is already finished, you need to take into consideration the style of lighting that is best for the overall design of your basement. Is your finished basement modern or rustic? Is it a fun playroom or a sporty man-cave? Lighting can help tie your ideas together and complete your room. If you are newly finishing your basement, you have more wiggle room and can choose your lighting and design from the ground up.

Begin with the Best Basement Lighting

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