Read This Before Finishing Your Basement

If you are thinking of basement finishing, it is important to do your research. If you do not do it right the first time, you are going to have to do it again and no one wants to spend the time and/or money on the same project twice. There will be many things to consider such as using a professional basement finishing company vs. DIY, what permits you may need, layouts, flooring, and even basement HVAC work. We want to help you understand everything you need to know about finishing your basement before you start the process.

DIY vs. Professional Basement Finishing Companies

A DIY approach may seem exciting. With sources like YouTube, there are endless videos teaching the average person to do almost anything. It is true that DIY can help eliminate all labor and time costs, but it can also create major headaches. Without the full knowledge of a contractor, your project could take longer than you expected, and you may be faced with unexpected costs. Basement finishing companies have experience and handle everything from layouts to permits. The goal is to complete your finished basement as smoothly as possible.

Here are some pros and cons when it comes to DIY vs. hiring a basement finishing company. Some people may be worried about the cost and that is a legitimate concern. When working with a professional company, the costs will be laid out for you. The cost of finishing your basement ranges from $2,800 to $33,985 with the national average at $18,395. The average cost to finish a basement in Michigan starts around $30,000 and can cost over $200,000. You can find ways to work with your budget here.

Basement Finishing Permits

There may be some instances where a permit is not required but, more often than not, you will need a permit to complete your finished basement. Michigan requires a permit for basement finishes that involve cutting into walls or structural beams, alteration to points of egress, and moving existing and/or installing new electrical and plumbing systems.

Functional Basement Layout Ideas

The point of finishing your basement is to make it a functional and livable space. Functionality and livability will all depend on your family size and specific needs. There are plenty of ideas when it comes to different layouts and rooms that can be created in your finished basement.

Whether it be a basement apartment, a workspace, or your own personal bar, a contractor can help you decide which layout works best. Get some ideas for your finished basement space here.

Water and Moisture Removal

One of the main concerns that comes with finishing your home basement is issues with water and moisture. Before considering anything else, all water, moisture, and any potential mold issues have to be removed. This is one place where you should always consider a professional. Making a mistake when it comes to waterproofing your basement can cost thousands of dollars in future repairs and damages. There are many different solutions for your home basement such as:

  • Perimeter and drainage systems
  • Sump Pumps
  • Waterproof wall and floor products
  • Wall and floor crack repairs
  • Replacement Windows

Read all about waterproofing your basement here.

Planning for Basement HVAC Work

Basement remodeling is the perfect opportunity to complete any HVAC work that might be left unfinished in your basement. Including your HVAC needs in your remodeling process can help speed up the process and finish everything together. You can discuss the potential for heating, air conditioning, and duct work to be completed all alongside your remodel.

Basement Lighting Strategies

When finishing your basement, you can use natural light, light fixtures, or both. Basement lighting is essential to creating a space that is an extension of your home. Designers can help you choose where to use warm white, cool white, and daylight to help create the ambiance you want. Look for ways to choose the best basement lighting here.

Your Home, Your Style

The best thing about finishing your home basement is that it is a blank canvas. You can design it using your unique style. Is your aesthetic more clean and modern, or rustic and homey?

Read some of our past blogs to get your creative juices flowing!

When it comes to basement finishing, it is important to take many things into account. It is better to do everything the first time around in order to save money, time, and your sanity. If you are interested in basement remodeling in Michigan, consult a contractor today.

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