Redefine Your Basement: Kim’s Cooking Creation


One of the best things about finishing your basement is that it is a blank canvas for you to create a lower level built for you. Need more space for your growing family? Add a living room. Working from home now? Build a home office. In-laws need a place to stay when they visit? Create an additional bedroom.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting one of our past customers, who decided to make the most of her basement blank canvas, by incorporating her new business.

Chef Kim, of Auburn Hills, took the knowledge and experience she learned while being a pastry chef, catering specialist, and restaurant manager and bet on herself when she started Kim’s Cooking Creations. Kim started to make and sell baked goods out of her kitchen during the pandemic to family and friends, and her delicious treats became more and more popular.

Kim and her husband Robert were looking to finish their basement so they would have extra space for their sons to stay when they came to town to visit. Kim called Basements Plus for a free estimate and met with Michele, one of our Basement Specialists. During an exploratory conversation, Kim was telling Michele about her desires for a finished basement with a space for their kids to sleep and a bathroom. During the meeting, Kim mentioned her new business venture and even offered Michele a sample.

After trying some of Kim’s baked goods, Michele had a great idea of adding a kitchen to the basement to give Kim all the room she would need to continue to grow her business. The bathroom could be put on hold, and revisited at a later time with some of the additional income Kim could bring in with more kitchen space. Kim loved the idea and went for it!

Kim’s Cooking Creations now offers more than just catering and baked goods at the Farmer’s Market. Kim regularly teaches hands-on cooking classes where students get a chance to cook and then enjoy the meal with Kim’s guidance. Not only do you get to learn a new recipe to use, but you get to enjoy a great meal as a reward.

If you are interested in signing up for one of Chef Kim’s classes, you can find more information on her Facebook to see where you can get your hands on her delicious baked goods.

If you are interested in Redefining your basement, give Basements Plus a call at (248) 926-6630 to schedule a free estimate.

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