Sports Basement Ideas to Showcase Your Teams

Are you ready for MARCH MADNESS?!?!?! Have you been thinking about a sports basement finishing project? Finished Basement Plus has been hard at work helping people to get their spaces prepared for both the past Super Bowl LV and the near future March Madness basketball (We won’t ask which team you are rooting for this year at March Madness, so we won’t have anything to hold against you.)

As you are finishing your new sports-themed basement (a.k.a. your version of a viewing box), you must make this space a good representative of your personality and make sure that you represent your and your family’s favorite team. Unless there are some internal rivalries, then compromise is necessary.

How to Incorporate a Sports-Themed Basement?

When thinking about your new sports-themed basement, the first thing you want to consider heavily is how you will watch the game. It may be obvious to incorporate a large-screened television into the decor and surround sound. That way, during the off-season, you can watch old games or even your favorite movies in your new home theater.

However, that may not be the best option for you money-wise or even regarding space if you have decor or memorabilia to display.

Another option might be to utilize a projector with an easily removed projector screen. A projector will allow you to keep that home-theater vibe still when you need/want it while still having the space for other things.

Keeping it Classy with Grown-Up Sports Basement Decor

In considering your different sports basement decorating ideas, perhaps your space shouldn’t look like you are tailgating. We understand your loyalty to Michigan State OR the University of Michigan (Again, we aren’t picking a side. We all know which is the best team.)

To keep it classy, play with some of the sports-themed colors instead of having school logos in every corner of the room.

sports bar in basement detroit style dark cabinets and granite

This sports-themed bar is a great place to watch any game! The added neon lights make this bar unique and give it creative lighting.


As an adult homeowner, we want to create a space to relax while watching the game and not a college kid in a dorm with a Cup-O-Noodles.

An excellent way to do this is to include your favorite college or professional team’s colors in the decor of your sports-themed basement. Incorporate team colors in more solid pieces such as your couches or chairs or more subtlety with accessories such as pillows, rugs, blankets, etc. You can easily find some blue and maize/gold OR green and white pillows to toss around your space.

Incorporating the colors with the accessories allows you the flexibility to change things out as each new season ends. You should probably pick neutral-colored furniture to prevent clashing with the colors of your favorite team. Neutral colors like browns are always a good option.

You can easily transition from football to basketball to hockey or even baseball with minimal effort other than swapping out a few accessories. Whereas if you buy a giant blue or green couch, that isn’t as easy to move around.

Basement Sports-Themed Bar Ideas

What is a sporting event without something to drink? When it comes to watching a game, it seems as if it is better with something cold to drink. Am I right? Even if you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, the game is just better with a cold beverage. It also soothes the throat after a nice round of screaming and yelling and keeps you hydrated.

Incorporating a basement bar into your space gives you the upgrade needed to transform your space from just a casual living room in which you watch the game into a genuine sports-themed basement.

large sit at bar with seating and stained wood top

The bar area, dining, and living space in this basement are all open to each other offering one large room for entertaining.


You could have a bar built into your space that includes some of your favorite beverages, liquors, mixers, etc., with a mini-fridge housing your favorite beers and sodas. You could also have a beverage cart that you store in a corner when not in use and pull out when the occasion calls for it.

There are also plenty of options for mini-fridges. The key is to determine your style and how you would like to organize your limited space.

Sports-Themed Basement Office

Perhaps you want your newly finished basement to be your new office space, and you want that to be sports-themed.

Again, the best part of this space is that you can create the office space you want and express your die-hard fandom to your favorite team with accessories. If you have a lounge space within your office, you can get creative with that space.

With the rest of your office, an easy way to place memorabilia is with a bookshelf. The bookshelf becomes dual-purpose. You can use it to house your books or materials related to your work and show your pride for your alma mater and/or your favorite team(s).

The point is that with a little creativity, your pride becomes more than just a mug on a desk for your coffee.


Your sports-themed basement is an expression of one of the essential things in your life: Athletic Allegiance. Whether you are hosting the next party for March Madness, you are a true fan that wants to watch old games, or even if you are seeking to spice up your new office with some memorabilia. The most important part is to get creative and personalize your space with the things you enjoy/love.

Ideally, your new sports-themed basement doesn’t look like a college bookstore exploded in your newly finished basement, but if it does, that is your prerogative because it is YOUR SPACE! Whether you keep it as an extravagant or classy sports-themed basement, the point is that this is your new space. That alone should give you a sense of pride.

Finished Basement Plus is happy to help you create the space you want to fit your needs, even if you start from scratch. Contact one of our specialists today to get started.

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