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Selection Meeting 1 of 2


Selection Meeting 1 of 2

by Amy Iverson / May 9, 2019 Part 1 - What happens in a selection meeting After you sign the proposal, the next step is meeting with your Project Developer.  Pam and Chelsea were our Project Developers and were great in helping us with plan details and color selections. They made the selection process fun and stress free as we worked through all the details. Part 2 - How Our Selection Meeting Went The...

Introduction to Amy’s Basement Blog Series

by Amy Iverson / May 2, 2019

[embed][/embed] Steve and I bought a new house this past summer.  When we moved in we had lots of projects and renovations we wanted to accomplish and quickly starting making a list and prioritizing.  Yes, finishing the basement was on the list, but is was at the very bottom.  So far at the bottom we didn't even know if we were going to finish it.  After living here for 6...