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white painted ceiling in finished basement

Amy’s Series: White Painted Ceiling vs. Black Painted Ceiling


Amy’s Series: White Painted Ceiling vs. Black Painted Ceiling

by Amy Iverson / June 28, 2019

When I told my project manager about my choice to paint the laundry room ceiling white he was concerned I may not be happy with the outcome.  He warned me that I would see all the imperfections of the wood (splinters, wires, caulk, etc.)  I didn't mind this, as I was going for a light whimsy feel and did not want black. In the exercise room we chose a black...

Amy’s Series: Cleaning Out Basement

by Amy Iverson / May 23, 2019 So construction is going to start soon. I need to get the construction site cleaned up and ready for the crew.  I have a few options to explore when deciding what to do with my "stuff" while they're working in the basement for a couple months. Options for cleaning out the basement:  Donate unwanted items to Purple Heart or a new favorite is Humble Design.  Check out their website...

Amy’s Series: Selection Meeting 1 of 2

by Amy Iverson / May 9, 2019 Part 1 - What happens in a selection meeting After you sign the proposal, the next step is meeting with your Project Developer.  Pam and Chelsea were our Project Developers and were great in helping us with plan details and color selections. They made the selection process fun and stress free as we worked through all the details. Part 2 - How Our Selection Meeting Went The...