How to Finish a Basement from Beginning to End

Finished basement in Highland, MI

The Step-by-Step Process to Finishing a Basement 1. Basement Finishing Plan & Proposal Steve and I bought a new house in Michigan this past summer.  When we moved in we…

Thinking about a basement remodel?

Industrial basement design with bar and living room with vinyl plank in South Lyon, Michigan

From beginning to end, a basement remodeling project may take more time than you initially anticipate. Finishing an entire Basement can be the same as finishing an entire upper level…

Basement Remodeling and Home Value

Finished basement with modern design in Novi, Michigan

What are the biggest things you look for when touring a new home? Kitchen, bathrooms, living area, and the basement? A nicely finished basement completed at the same quality as…

Basement Remodeling from A to Z

Bright open studio space in basement for art and photography in Berkley, Michigan

Finishing your basement can be a bigger job than you may think. This A to Z list of basement remodeling can help you make the best decision as to hiring…

What is the Square Foot Price for Remodeling a Basement?

Unfinished basement that will be worked on in Brighton, Michigan

Remodeling your basement is much different than remodeling the upstairs of your home. Since all of the mechanicals of your home are located within your basement, there are a lot…

4 Features Our Designers Love

One of the best parts of designing basements is that they can be a blank canvas to work with. Our designers are always hard at work developing spaces in Michigan…

Remodeling VS. Selling Home

When it comes to your home, space is often an issue for growing families. At the end of the day it comes down to basically two options, Remodeling or Selling….

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