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Amy’s Series: Light Fixture Issues


Amy’s Series: Light Fixture Issues

by Amy Iverson / June 20, 2019 I was super excited to see my lights installed. This didn't go so smooth. Laundry Room Light: As I mentioned before, I found two lights on Houzz and was super excited about them.  I couldn't wait to come home and see them installed.  While I was at work the electrician called and informed us that the laundry room lights were Euorpean and the wiring wasn't going to work.  He...

Have You Considered Learning A Skilled Trade Rather Than College?

by Adam Jensen / March 5, 2019

Have you ever considered learning a skilled trade such as carpentry or construction work instead of attending a traditional college? Many will answer no, but it could be a smarter decision for many students post high school. If you are not one to enjoy getting up every morning to go work at a desk job, a career in skilled trades could be a better suiting option. Attending a trade school...