The Art of Concealment: Stylish Ways to Hide Your Basement Sump Pump

The Art of Concealment: Stylish Ways to Hide Your Basement Sump Pump

When deciding to finish a basement, the goal is to ensure that the space looks less like a traditional basement and more like a modern living space that blends in with the floor above. Designing your finished basement comes with a few possible roadblocks, including mechanical items that may prevent you from locating a desired room or feature. With the right design and solution, it can be easy to work around this issue.

A sump pump can be one of those mechanical items that may be difficult to move when designing a bar, bedroom, bathroom, or office. Sump pumps are necessary to keep your basement dry but can be an eyesore, so why not try to incorporate them into your design? There are creative ways to conceal a sump pump from view without compromising design or location.

Here are some creative ways we have hidden a sump pump from view: 

  1. Inside Cabinets – Utilizing an empty cabinet to place a sump inside could be a great option when designing a bar, office area, or living room space with a built-in feature.
  2. Inside a Built Cover – Although this may not ultimately be out of sight, this is an excellent solution to covering a sump. Either make it a feature and paint it all white or try to match the selected wall color to blend this into its surroundings.
  3. Behind a Door – A simple yet effective way of hiding a sump is to build a wall around it and use the extra space as storage.


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