The Guide to Choosing Good Basement Colors

What colors are good for basements? Learn about the best paint colors for your project and how to pick them with our guide to choosing good basement colors.

The Guide to Choosing Good Finished Basement Colors

Once you have decided on finishing your basement, there are different steps you need to take in order to make your vision a reality. Follow along with the step-by-step process to finishing a basement here. The first step is creating a basement finishing plan and proposal. Once you have decided what to convert your basement into (Not sure yet? Find some ideas here: 5 Uses For Your Finished Basement – Basements Plus). Second, comes the project preparation and design selection meetings. Along with choosing fixtures, flooring, cabinets, hardware, etc., you will also be choosing paint/ stain colors. The paint you choose will influence the whole mood of your finished basement. Choosing good basement colors is essential to create the style you want. 

Should You Pick a Light or Dark Basement Paint Color?

Obviously, paint colors are a personal choice. Different styles call for different colors. When it comes to choosing a good basement color, most people gravitate towards lighter tones. Since most basements do not have a lot of natural light, lighter colors can help brighten the room. Brilliant white is often used to create the illusion of a bigger space. When using lighter paint colors such as white or cream, you can incorporate an accent wall with a bold color like red, blue, or even black! The basement paint color you choose will be the starting point and will help guide your selection of furnishings and fixtures. 

Choosing whether you should pick a light or dark basement color will be greatly influenced by the room you have chosen to create. If you are converting your basement into a playroom, using bright primary colors may be the way to go. Decided on a cozy family room? Warm tones can help you achieve the relaxing ambiance you imagined. Get some ideas on how a paint color can transform your room here.

When choosing a good basement paint color, you also need to take the ceiling into account. You can choose to leave an exposed ceiling, paint it white, or paint it black. Here is a look at what those options look like Black Painted Ceiling vs White Painted Ceiling in Michigan Basements ( 

Best Paint Finish for a Finished Basement

There are certain interior paint finishes that are ideal for basements. Basements can have a lot of moisture. Using top quality paint is important to achieve the perfect look and avoid any moisture issues. Most finished basements are painted using a latex primer and an acrylic latex paint in a glossy finish. The glossy paint helps ensure the walls and ceilings resist basement moisture.

Finished Basement Paint Color Options

Here is a list of popular finished basement paint colors. These can be used to paint the basement in its entirety or to create an accent wall.

  • White (Chantilly Lace)
  • Gray (Farrow and Ball)
  • Red (Showstopper)
  • Navy Blue (Inkwell)
  • Light Blue
  • Brown (Tanner’s Brown)

Basements Plus can help from coming up with a plan to designing and executing your finished basement. Our designers work with you to help you choose paint colors, furnishing, lighting, and everything in between. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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