These 6 Things Can Have a Big Impact In Your Basement

Focusing on the overall function and practicality of a design can seem monumental. Our designers will handle the greater concerns of your basement design such as wall placements for rooms, working around obstacles, and eliminating wasted space.

finished basement with carpeting and built in storage and carpeting in Brighton, Michigan

Here are six things you should keep in mind when the construction of your dream space is complete:

1. Night Lights

Night Lights are inviting. They bring a feeling of warmth late at night through hallways and in small spaces. The light is comforting and can light the way down hallways for guests. There are many different types of night lights on the market. Some are very decorative, some are basic, and some are built into wall outlets.

2. Appliances

We don’t suggest adding used old appliances into a brand new finished environment. It tends to date the new level of the home. Your old appliances rarely fit into the newly designed space. Also, think about adding some smaller appliances into the space such as a Microwave, Toaster Oven, or Coffee Maker. Remember this new space is a brand new level of your home, not just a basement.

3. Electrical Outlets & Switches

Our designers will help you to determine where any desired additional outlets and switches should be in your finished basement. If you have an extra room in your basement think about potential uses you may have in the future. Will you want it to become an office, home theater, or even a home gym? You may need additional electrical ran or extra outlets.

4. Wainscoting – Crown Molding, Chair Rail

The atmosphere is a large determining factor on how your space is used. A newly finished basement should feel new and be as picture perfect as what you imagined. Have pictures to properly demonstrate what you want your finished basement to feel like. Include whether you need to add Chair Railing for a Dining Area or Crown Molding to accentuate a design style. This is one of the small parts of the design that can dramatically change a room or space.

5. Flooring – with or without Area Rugs

When different styles and types of flooring and their costs are presented to you, be prepared. Think about your design preferences and how you will use the space. Decide whether area rugs or other throw rugs would be best to use in the basement.

6. Furniture & Decorations

You have a brand new beautifully finished space in your home, now you have to furnish it. Filling the entire space with old unwanted furniture will make the lower level feel like an old, dated basement. If you wouldn’t use the furniture in the upper levels of your home, do not put them in the basement. Using nice new furniture will keep the basement feeling clean and new. You will want to use the space even more with the addition of brand new furniture.

There are many other things to plan and prepare for when tackling a finished basement. Not only are you adding value to your home, but you are also creating another useful level. Choose a company with integrity that you know will follow through with all aspects of the basement finishing process. Schedule your free estimate today! We work out of Shelby Township, Oakland Township, Chelsea, and surrounding areas in Michigan.

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