10 Design Elements That Will Make Your Basement Unique!

Are you interested in finishing your basement but need ideas on how to make it unique? Here is a list of 10 things to make your basement stand out!

1. Secret Door

Adding a secret door to your basement creates an interesting feature that most others do not have. These secret doors are a great alternative to a standard doorway leading to the storage areas of your basement.

Basement staircase with carpet and wood railing in Washington, Michigan

Entering the basement with an open rail staircase creates a more inviting space.

2. Open Rail Staircase

Why not make your basement more inviting? Adding an open rail staircase allows for guests to see into the basement space while walking down the stairs.

3. Archways

Design features such as archways make your basement feel more like an upper level of the home. Archways are a great way to separate a hallway or extra room in the basement without a conventional door.

4. Stone Accent Wall

Accent walls allow for a unique design feature in nearly any space. These accent walls draw your eyes to that particular section of the room. They are great for showing off a wall mounted fireplace or TV!

5. Custom Bar

A custom bar in your basement creates a natural gathering place for everyone to hang out in. An added bonus of most home bars is that they create additional seating as well as a dedicated place for food and drinks.

6. Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces have many benefits over traditional gas fireplaces. They do not need to be vented outside and can be placed nearly anywhere while still adding warmth to your basement.

7. Indoor Hockey Rink

Have a big sports fan in the family? Or even someone looking for a more suitable place to practice. An indoor hockey rink is a fun and creative space to add to your basement.

8. Kids Playroom

Tired of having your living room full of kids and tons of toys? Adding a playroom space to your basement creates a dedicated place for all of their toys and a safe place for the kids to hang out in.

Home fitness room in basement in Novi, Michigan

French doors close off a separate exercise room with a large mirror to help the room feel large and bright.

9. Exercise Room

Get rid of that expensive monthly gym membership and annoying drive by adding your own personal exercise space in your basement. You can customize this space to your liking with mirrors and padded flooring!

10. Home Theater 

What’s better than watching a movie with the family while in the comfort of your own home? A home theater creates a unique space the whole family can enjoy. Decorate the space with your favorite movie posters and a popcorn machine and you have the perfect getaway.

No matter what you are looking to create in your basement we are here to help! Contact us today for an estimate on finishing your basement. We work out of Shelby Township, Commerce, and surrounding areas in Michigan.

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