Want The Rustic Wood Look With The Durability Of Tile?

In Products by Adam Jensen / March 5, 2019

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When it comes to your lower level, the fewer wood products the better. So how do you get that rustic wood flooring look everyone is talking about?

Tile that resembles reclaimed wood is an increasingly popular choice! This tile recreates the look of reclaimed wood flooring, including replicated nail holes, to create a rustic and contemporary look without the downfalls of ordinary wood products.

Even better? Tile is available in a much wider range of sizes and widths compared to actual reclaimed wood. You also get the added benefit of the durability of tile compared to old reclaimed wood. Tile flooring will not have any of the chippings, splintering, or scratching compared to its wood counterpart. Wood flooring is easily damaged by water and can begin to warp and grow mold when introduced to water.

Since basements are already much more moist and humid compared to the rest of your home, adding wood products to the basement increases the chances of mold growth and water related damage that can occur.

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