What is an HDMI Stub Up?

hdmi stub up in wall electrical for tvIf we are finishing your Michigan basement and you have plans to mount your TV onto the wall we recommend something we call an HDMI Stub Up.

What is an HDMI Stub Up? Behind the determined location of your TV, we will cut two holes into the wall, one behind the TV and one down towards the floor that will allow you to run cords behind the finished wall keeping them hidden.

Notice how there are exposed cables on the image to the left? Without an HDMI Stub Up all the cables going from your TV to any accessories such as a Cable Box, Gaming System, or Speaker will be visible.

The second image shows what your TV could look like with the use of an HDMI Stub Up. The chords are all nicely tucked behind the wall out of sight.

Small finishing touches like these allow for your basement to look more like an upper level of your home.

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