What is the Square Foot Price for Remodeling a Basement?

Bright open basement remodeled from dark unused space in Livonia, Michigan

Remodeling this basement in Michigan created a bright open concept basement that the homeowners can now use to entertain.

Remodeling your basement is much different than remodeling the upstairs of your home. Since all of the mechanicals of your home are located within your basement, there are a lot of added challenges to work around during the construction and design process. This combined with wiring, piping, and often lower ceiling heights than the rest of your home make each individual basement project unique.

All of these factors affect the design, layout, and amount of materials needed to finish each space. Providing a cost per square foot that applies to every basement project is simply unfeasible. There are also many different types of products that can be used in a basement that can alter the price per square foot.

The best thing to do is have one of our Michigan-based basement specialists come out to inspect, measure, and discuss your needs and wants for your space to then provide you with a detailed quote for remodeling. This quote will be based on your specific basement instead of a guess. This insures that your quote will not need to change throughout the construction process.

If you are interested in finishing your basement contact us today for a free estimate! We work out of Mount Clemens, Ferndale, Hazel Park, and surrounding areas in Michigan.

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