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Finished Basements Plus Case Studies: Novi, MI - One Solution for the Small Space at the Bottom of the Basement Stairs

Friday, March 13th, 2015 by Julie MacFadyen


Most of us have walked down basement steps with nothing but a cold, concrete wall to see until you reach the bottom and round the corner. At the bottom of the stairs there would be about one foot between you and wall. This creates an uninviting feel upon entering the basement. It also makes it difficult to navigate when carrying items downstairs or upstairs. The feeling of a dark and dingy basement is increased with this spacially limited entryway. A design had to be developed with a solution that would give the homeowners a uplifting feeling as they entered and exited the basement.


This design incorporated an expectional solution for opening up the space and creating a friendly environment for your trip up and down the basement stairs. In this case, the homeowner decided to go with an open rail stairway and a landing platform built specifically for their basement. The open rail system allows the eye to carry over a greater distance which gives a open and inviting feeling to the basement. The landing platform extends the final two steps and opens up enough space for a door on one side and a clear walking path leading to the main area of the basement. The family chose the hand rail style and finish to match the new basement decor. Now the stairway has a warm and inviting atmosphere for entering and exiting the newly finished basement.

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