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Finished Basements Plus Case Studies: Bar Design Hides All Posts and Plumbing Obstacles in Commerce Twp Basement

Thursday, September 24th, 2015 by Julie MacFadyen


The homeowners wanted to match a photo of a back splash on to their future basement bar. But how to fit it into the plan for the finished basement? 

The bar area was 18'x8' and contained 4 obstacles/eyesores as seen in the before photos. There are 3 floor to ceiling posts stretching in a straight line from the back of the stairs to the exterior concrete wall. The first post is a white PVC pipe/post by the concrete wall and the 2 posts towards the middle of the basement are black support beams/posts. The plumbing lines on the concrete exterior wall also must remain in their location and accessible. These obstacles can be difficult to design around, but with a good company and design experience, many options become available. 


The finished bar picture why this design was chosen to hide all the basement obstacles/eyesores. The bar countertop seating was designed & built to hide the two black support beams/posts with 4 bar stool seats. One of the black support beams/posts is wrapped in white at the corner of the bar area. The other black support beam/post is completely hidden behind the side wall of the bar area. Installed along the back wall of the bar is the back splash designed to match the inspirational photo from Rather than a removable panel, a door was chosen to hide the plumbing lines. This faux doorway creates the illusion of a larger basement. However, it's main purpose is to open for easy access to all the plumbing lines. The third White PVC post/pipe has been enclosed in a wall creating a nook in the dining area.

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