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Finished Basements Plus Case Studies: Northville, MI Basement Restoration Wall After Flooding

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 by Adam Jensen


This homeowner had experienced a flood in her basement which destroyed the current flooring and drywall. The homeowner wanted to salvage as much as possible in the current basement to keep expenses down. We inspected the basement to see how extensive the water damage was inside the walls. Once we had an accurate representation of what kind of state the walls were in, we were able to reccomend a solution to the homeowner that worked best for her budget. We made sure to keep the homeowners budget in mind as well as what needed to be done to protect the basement from future flooding.


Using our Restoration Wall System we were able to only remove the lower portion of the wall, making construction faster and cleaner. The wall is built with non-organic, waterproof materials. Without having to demo the entire wall we remove the need to re-drywall the ceiling edges again as well as the entire wall surface. The Restoration Wall System allows for easy access to whats behind the walls. The homeowner will not have to worry about water damaged walls and trim ever again. 

Project Summary

Project Manager: Steve Marco

Products Installed: EverLast Restoration Wall

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