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Finished Basements Plus Case Studies: Designing Around Multiple Support Posts In Clarkston, MI Basement

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 by Adam Jensen


This basement has a lot of support poles throughout the space. The homeowners wanted a design that incorporated these poles so that they do not disrupt the flow of the space. Without a thought out floorplan, these poles would end up making the space have a choppy feel, also making it hard to furnish and decorate around. The challenge in this basement was to create a design that allowed for an open concept floorplan while utilizing the posts.


Incorporating bar style seating behind the sofa overlooking the main living space utilized two of the support poles. We then worked the bar area into the basement to sit evenly between another pair of support posts which helped define this space without the use of additional walls. With these two areas of the basement laid out, it allowed for a natural flow for the remaining spaces. The indivudal spaces in this basement now flow well with each other with the posts worked into the design.

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