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Finished Basements Plus Case Studies: Macomb, MI Basement Finished With Functional Crawl Space Entrance

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 by Adam Jensen


This basement had a crawl space access door midway up the wall in the bathroom. The homeowners didn't have any specific requests for a solution to enclose the crawl space entry way but Steve Marco, their project manager, wanted to make the cover functional. Most contractors would simply paint the existing old wooden doors and been done but painting the doors wouldn't add any functionality to the bathroom.


Steve hates building things that do not function properly as well as things that simply are not aesthetically pleasing. The simple solution of painting the original doors to the crawl space would have worked, but that is not how he likes to operate. Creating a solution that looked good and added functionality to the bathroom was important to Steve. The removable shelving that he created adds not only a better-looking solution but they also add an extra storage option into the bathroom.

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