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Finished Basements Plus Case Studies: How Colors Look In Stores VS Your Home

Friday, July 7th, 2017 by Adam Jensen


During the final stages of one of our basement remodeling projects, we received an email from the homeowner questioning the color of the carpet they had picked out. The homeowners were concerned that the color they selected while here at or showroom was not the same as the color installed in their home. Upon further review, the carpet was the one they had picked out but the color appeared much different under different lighting conditions. 


The homeowner's basement had incandescent light bulbs installed which give off a slightly yellow light. This change in lighting made the carpet look a totally different color! The carpet that had a brown tone in the showroom seemed to have a pink tone in their basement. After switching out the light bulbs from incandescent to LED which gives off a white light, the carpet now looks exactly like it did in the showroom. The color of the carpet under different lighting appeared to be two drastically different colors as you can tell from the photos. This switch in lighting was a much more cost effective way to solve this problem instead of completely replacing the carpet. 

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Designer: Katie Seilo

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