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How to Hire the Right Basement Finishing Contractor in Michigan

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A Message from Steve Iverson, Co-Owner of Finished Basements Plus:

It’s an embarrassing fact. Home Improvement is the #1 most complained about industry, according to Better Business Bureau statistics. The only way this can continue is if people are kept in the dark about what they should REALLY know about the company they are hiring.

What standards should companies meet in each area of their business (warranties, insurance, licenses, references, etc.)? What proof should you look for to back up a company’s claims?

These questions are important because there are some true nightmare stories. You’ve probably heard of some of them. Jobs left undone. Bills that come in much higher than the agreed upon quote. A homeowner stuck with the liability because a company lacks proper insurance. No communication for weeks at a time on project status. The list of things that can go wrong is unfortunately pretty long.

So I decided to put a guide together to level the playing field between customer and contractor. Now you can know what I – as someone inside the industry – knows about separating the good apples from the bad. I call it the Contractor Standards Guide and it is concise but filled with important information.

Skeptical About This Guide?

I can guess what you are thinking and I don’t blame you. You are asking if this could really be an objective guide about contractors when I’m a contractor myself. That is why the guide is FREE. You’ve got nothing to lose by requesting a copy.

All I ask is that you look at it fairly and ask yourself… are these standards
I should ask any contractor to meet? I think you will answer yes after
reading it. And by the way, we don’t give ourselves a free pass. We put
proof that we meet these same standards right in the guide, so you can
judge for yourself.

Go ahead and request a copy of the guide. It’s free and it could
save you a lot of time and $$$ down the road by avoiding a
bad contractor.


Steve Iverson
The Basement Guy

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