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Amy Iverson

Gate Keeper

Hometown: Union Lake, MI

Amy married into the construction business. She started out helping Steve in the evenings with his bookkeeping and putting flyers in mailboxes.  Then when the business started to quickly grow she eventually quit her job and a family business was created!

As one of the owners, Amy loves to look back and see how the company has grown over the years. New people & new processes. It is so much different than what it was 10 years ago. Amy used to wear all the hats but now her daily tasks are focused on bookkeeping, accounts receivable, payable and payroll. She also helps oversee with marketing, HR, and overall business growth.

Amy enjoys that everyday is different.  One day she is working on marketing then payables/receivables.  She also gets to see all the great cities while picking up the occasional permit.  When she is not busy at the office Amy loves spending time outdoor paddle boarding, kayaking, and walking.

Even after all these years she still gets WOW’d by the the finished project.

Favorite Quote: 

One day your life will flash before you eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

Gerard Way

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