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We were looking for an extra space for our family that was growing, and we also needed a space for my husband to start doing some work from home. So, we decided to finish our basement to expand our living space. I work from home about 2 days a week and I didn’t really have a space to use for working, but I do now. We looked up online a few contractors and we had three different companies come to house including Finished basements plus. It was a little difficult to find specific contractors to basement remodels, so we were excited to see what Finished Basements Plus had to offer. The first thing that we were impressed by was the service. Everyone we talked to was very helpful and knowledgeable about basement finishing. We were also very impressed with their willingness to work within our budget which was a big plus for us. Joseph worked with us on a couple different options to try and meet our budget, I was also impressed as out of all the people who came and looked at our basement before we made our decision. He took at least an hour down here to measure everything and since I am an engineer that kind of spoke to my heart that he would take the time to measure everything out and to put together a nice 3D rendering of the space for us to look at. Him taking that time up front really lead us to believe that Finished Basements Plus was going to do a really good job and that they knew what they were doing. We had a great overall experience, every contractor that came in was very friendly and attentive to detail, there were also a few little things that came up during the construction process that Finished Basements Plus worked very quickly to remedy and make this space better than we had anticipated. I thought they really went above and beyond, they were communicative with us which was helpful for us as we have busy schedules. We knew when their people were going to be in and out and I was really impressed with the project manager and the contractors as well. You could tell they took their time and were responsive to our questions. I think my favorite thing about the basement is having a space to send the kids when it’s too cold to play outside and they have too much energy. It’s been helpful. I like having an office down here as a place that I can get away when I need to get some work done. We would recommend them and already have to a lot of our friends. We have had a really good experience and we feel like we got a lot of value out of what they did, and we would recommend them. 
Andy & Nicole K. of Belleville, MI
Wednesday, December 27th
We wanted a place so the family could get together and watch movies and play games. We were loooking for a tv area, bar area, bathroom, and main area. Our plan was initially to finish it ourselves but Rose found Finished Basements Plus and once we met with them and they showed us the design they ended up doing the construction as well. Mitch was our initial contact point and he gave us a lot of information about the process and how it wold be set up and to make us comfortable with the comapny. They were great, very informative about the processes, our project manager Steve was very helpful and answered any questions that we had. I dont think there were many suprises. We knew what we were getting into up front. Initially we were planning on doing the basement ourselves which would have taken a year to two years but they crunched it down into an 8-10 week time frame and made it smooth. The behind the scenes pieces were great as they helped us out. They knew things that we may not have thought about. Going through the whole design process up front and figuring out what we wanted, then starting construction helped alot. 
Mike & Rose K. of Fenton, MI
Friday, February 2nd
My husband and I were looking for a company to finish our basement. We had been thinking about it for a couple of years. Our kids were beginning to become teenagers, they need their own space. We saw another basement they had done in the area; we really wanted the basement for our kids and to have an entertaining space. My husbands from a really big family he is one of 8 and I have 25 nieces and nephews and we host Christmas. They provided a great presentation, were very well organized, and had a whole handout of offerings and how it will be laid out.
Susan F. of Rochester, MI
Wednesday, January 13th
Welcome to our basement that we had finished by Finished Basements Plus, it was a great experience for us. We have built two homes, and have had basements finished, but we have never had a finer experience with a contractor then we have had with Finished Basements Plus. From Chip and the design around a blank palette to Steve Marco our project manager who treated our house as if it was his own house, to all the sub-contractors who were respectful of our space, of our home, and cleaning up every night, to the finished product, which is what we are most happy with! It was a wonderful experience and we would highly recommend Finished Basements Plus to anyone who would like to finish their basement as nice as ours is.
Mark & Julie D. of Rochester Hills, MI
Monday, May 23rd
We were impressed and very pleased with Finished Basements Plus. We re-finished our basement in a very old small home to add a "guest apartment" space. Now it's amazing and beautiful and very inviting and welcoming to use. They finished on time and our first guests arrived within a week. They were truly amazed and impressed with how beautiful and nice it was. They walked around with their mouths open and said, "wow, this is amazing!" Finished Basements Plus was a real pleasure to do business with. They clearly love what they do, took pride in their work, had excellent communication and organizational skills, were respectful to our property and to us, cleaned up after themselves with pride each day, did quality work, and were such genuinely good people that made it fun to do this job. We also appreciated the design professionals and software they had to make the job easier for us, make optimal use of the space, and made it so beautiful. Also, we loved BuilderTrend...their online account providing up-to-date information and daily calendar of job progression. We especially love the upgraded custom built paneling on the snack bar wall and the Alturna Vinyl Floor that looks like wood plank floor. It's so beautiful and well worth the upgrade. When there were mistakes or a problem (which were few), they were quick to respond and solve them. Such as, the interior doors that were delivered and partially installed were the wrong doors. They swiftly removed and returned them and had the new ones there and installed within the next day or two. Another mistake caused by both them and us was fairly and professionally resolved. If I had to describe Finished Basements Plus in one word it would be "impressive." I would definitely recommend Finished Basements Plus to anyone thinking about finishing their basement, and if you are only thinking about it, do it! You'll love it and be glad you did!
Nancy S. of West Bloomfield, MI
Thursday, June 29th
My husband wanted a sports themed room and I wanted a bar. We decided to combine both and create a sports themed bar basement and bar. I googled contractors and found Finished Basements Plus on Yelp with the highest reviews. It was a very pleasant experience, customer service was great, we knew what was going to be done and when it would be done, and how long it would take. It was very pleasant. Everybody was great, the workers were great, all the employees were easy to talk to, customer service was great. You can tell they are great people when your dogs don't even bother to get off the couch and bark when they come into the house.
Cheryl S. of Commerce Township, MI
Wednesday, February 22nd
When we were first buying this place we knew that it had an unfinished basement so one of the things we wanted to have is to get the most use out of that walkout and because it has such high ceilings it is really more like another room of the house not necessarily just a basement. We really felt that making the most use out of the space was the best thing. Well we wanted a mother in law kitchen because he is a really good cook, so we wanted to make sure we had the opportunity to have 2 stoves and 2 refrigerators, and we wanted a full-size bathroom, and also a little office and a living space. We looked at a couple different places but, in general, we went to an open house, the one we went to was phenomenal it was a space much larger than this one, but it was  just fantastic and we met the owner and he was great, he talked us through a lot of stuff, he had a portfolio. Once we met Chip, he took us through everything and he was very professional. He liked the way we went through all the steps in terms of the contracts, the design, and all the elements involved. It was overall a very professional setup and nothing like anything we have ever been involved in, even building our home. It was really smooth, they adhered to their timeline, we loved that we could see the schedule online, every day it would say who was coming and when. Finished Basements Plus tested and found Radon in our basement which is great because I would never have tested the basement myself. They even worked the radon mitigation into our basement quote. 
Jason & Amy P. of Waterford Township, MI
Wednesday, February 22nd
We decided to finish our basement solely for the purpose of having a bathroom on the lower level to access it for the lake. But we found out that having a finished basement is totally awesome because it's just more living space for the whole family and the extended family. We were trying to create one big space for gathering, a bathroom space and then to section off other areas just for storage. We did have struggles finding a contractor, we interviewed four contractors, 2 never got back to me with a quote, they just kept delaying, another contractor tried to talk us into things that we didn't really want and didn't see to listen to us, which is why we chose Finished Basements Plus. They listened to our ideas for what we were looking for, they incorporated them into a plan. True to their word the minute they started working on our project they were with us until the end. I would recommend Finished Basements Plus to anyone for the sole reason that they have a manager that looks out after all of the tradesmen, and we received a calendar on day one, and I knew exactly when everyone was going to start, when everyone was going to finish, and they actually had to adjust the schedule because they finished early! My favorite thing is how open it is, how we have so much light from all the windows, and its just beautiful, I guess I just love every part of it. 
Renea T. of Clarkston, MI
Monday, May 15th
I'd like to recognize Steve, the owner. And the other guy who also was named Steve. He recommended the small bookcase as well as the positioning of the sprinkler system cabinet up in the ceiling. That was a good idea.
Past Customer of Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Thursday, June 6th
Finished Basements Plus far exceeded our expectations! We are so happy with the results and will enjoy our basement for many years to come. Our thanks to each and every one of you who put their expertise and hard work into creating such a perfect place for us to relax!
Ginette C. of Macomb, MI
Testimonial Photo by Jim & Dawn L.
Steve,  I can't thank you enough for going above and beyond my expectations with every bit of extra effort that you have put into making our project as amazing as it has turned out! Your perfectionism and attention to detail are appreciated more than you know! Thank you so much for making every aspect of this project the pleasure that is was. Trusting you and your opinions truly paid off! We couldn't be more pleased with your work. Fantastic job! My boys love their new "Man Cave".
Jim & Dawn L. of Shelby Charter Twp, MI
Thursday, July 14th
Everyone that I worked with was just wonderful and I have referred others to the company.
Past Customer of Troy, MI
Thursday, January 24th
I think that the professionalism of the installers was just excellent.
Past Customer of Troy, MI
Thursday, January 24th
I think that the professionalism of the installers was just excellent.
Previous Customer of Troy , MI
Thursday, January 24th
Their project managers and salespeople were easy to reach with questions. It was easy to communicate with them. Also, I appreciated that their crews were on time. I would like to recognize their project manager, Steve Marco. Katie, a lady in the office, was good too. She was our contact point at certain times.  
Youjia & David L. of Troy, MI
Monday, March 14th
Finished Basements Plus far exceeded our expectations! We are so happy with the results and will enjoy our basement for many years to come. Our thanks to each and every one of you who put their expertise and hard work into creating such a perfect place for us to relax!
G. C. of Canton, MI
I think that the professionalism of the installers was just excellent.
Past Customer of Canton , MI
Monday, January 21st
Craig, Katie, Steve and Amy were all great to deal with. Anytime I had a question they were available to discuss. All of the contractors were also top notch; I never minded leaving my home with them there. Very personable and we will use again and again!
Previous Customer of Canton , MI
Monday, January 21st
Their ideas were excellent. They made our basement a fabulous addition to our home. Not one person has walked into our new space and not said how amazing it looks.
Previous Customre of Canton , MI
Monday, January 21st
They were wonderful in all aspects of service. After doing my complete basement, they also did the remodel of my kitchen. My next project with them will be the master bathroom. A+ across the board
Previous Customer of Canton, MI
Monday, January 21st
Testimonial Photo by Tahir & Najlaa
To our dear basement team, Wishing you the best always & sincere gratitude for a lovely job! Thank you all! Tahir & Najlaa
Tahir & Najlaa of Canton, MI
Wednesday, January 13th
It has been about a week now since the basement has been complete and I just wanted to send a note thanking you for transforming our lower level into my new favorite room in the house.  Sarah and I are very satisfied customers.  You have an excellent team and I can tell you we very much appreciated the attention to detail from the very start of the project in working with Tom, to the design and selections with Katie, and coming down every night at the end of the day to see what Steve and his team accomplished.  Keep up the good work and we wish you success in the future.  The product is amazing, and along the way everyone was extremely helpful, professional, and patient in working through our vision for the final product.
Brian and Sarah of Rochester Hills, MI
Steve was very knowledgeable and helpful with the design of our basement. I gave him a high-level overview of what we wanted and he came back with a proposed layout. Steve then sat down with my wife and I and he made revisions 'real-time' on his computer based on our input. This process made it very easy for my wife and I to visualize how our basement would turn out. This is a great process! Brad (project manager) was very easy to work with while our basement was under construction. He was always accessible and responsive to our needs. Our basement has many upgraded features and it turned out great because of Brad and the attention to detail that he and the other crew members put into their work. I would highly recommend Finished Basements Plus to anyone interested in finishing their basement, kitchen or bathroom. They are very competitive in price and do great work!
The P. of Rochester Hills, MI
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