Financing Available for Homeowners

Basements Plus offers a variety of stress-free financing options. Whether you are looking to finish your basement, or there is water in your basement, we have you covered. With only one phone call needed, and about 10 minutes of your time, you can be approved today to complete your project.

Basement flooding and problems with your home’s foundation or crawl space can happen at inconvenient times, financially speaking. We work with America’s Home Improvement Lender of Choice to provide the most competitive financing options for our customers.

  • Experience you can Trust

EnerBank has helped over 700,000 homeowners get the financing they need to fulfill their home improvement projects.

  • Low Fixed Interest Rates

APR’s are locked in when your loan is approved and for the life of your loan.

  • Unsecured Loans

Your home is not used as collateral, so there’s no lien on your property. Plus, there’s no application fee, no closing and appraisal costs, and no prepayment penalties.

  • Information Protected

Your personal information is given directly to EnerBank, making the application process more secure.

With a same-day approval process, you’re in control of when to undertake a major home repair. Scheduling repairs in a timely fashion lets you protect your largest investment, your home, without tapping into equity, savings, or emergency funds. Take advantage of repairing your basements and foundations when the first sign of a problem appears. Doing this gives you a more livable and more comfortable home while you’re living in it. And when it comes time to sell, you’ve preserved the value of your home.

When Financing Makes Sense

Cracked foundations, leaky basements and musty crawlspaces are often serious problems that shouldn’t be delayed. If you feel you’ve put your repair project off long enough, financing can help you get it done now instead of later. It’s not worth gambling with the investment you’ve made in your home!

How Our Financing Program Works

Our financing program is simple and straightforward. As part of your Free Inspection, you’ll meet with one of our specialists who can provide a detailed written estimate as well as explain your financing options. Together, you’ll decide what type of financing, if any, meets your needs and budget.



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