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Basement Finishing

Our Basement Finishing Process

For almost 20 years, we have developed and refined the process of designing and building lower levels in our Michigan service areas.

With input from homeowners and our team of basement finishing professionals, we have created a set of processes to ensure a remarkable remodeling experience for each one of our homeowners.

We call it the “7 Stages of Your Project”. These processes cover every step of the project from your very first phone call to us, all the way to the final cleaning of your new basement!

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7 Stages of Your Basement Finishing Project

How We Ensure a Quality Remodeling Experience

90 minute consultation with Steve Iverson


90 Minute Consultation

Free and Comprehensive

Every project starts with a free consultation.  During your consultation, you will meet with one of our Basement Specialists. They will discuss your wants and needs for the basement to get a good understanding of what you are looking for. They will also tell you more about our company and philosophy for basement finishing. During this time, the specialist will discuss your budget for the project to ensure that a plan is developed that works best for you.

Before we get started designing and building a lower level, we must inspect and understand the environment we will be working with, and you will ultimately be living in. This understanding starts with an inspection of the current basement. Additionally, our specialist will collect detailed measurements and photos of the existing basement. This includes where any and all pipes are located, where the mechanicals are located, and the size of the basement. With all this information collected they bring it back to our office and meet with our certified designers. During your second appointment, our specialist will have a plan and proposal developed to present to you.

Closeup view of a selection meeting with project developers and homeowners


Plan and Proposal

The right way to do the job

Your second appointment is where the fun begins! Our designers have been hard at work building the design of your new basement with the information collected during your first appointment.

Your basement remodeling specialist will present a detailed 3D plan and proposal for your new basement. 3D renderings will show you exactly what your basement will look like before it is built! During this meeting you can come visit our showroom to see a range of different materials for your project and even meet some of our team.

Selection of materials


Selection and Order

Designing & Customizing Your Space

After you have agreed on a layout and signed a contract you will schedule a selection meeting with one of our basement finishing Project Developers. You will work one-on-one with your developer to choose everything from paint colors, countertops, cabinets, and the flooring.

At this time, you can also work with them to make tweaks to the design of your basement with their recommendation, this can all be done live while you are in the office.

Measure and Confirm


Measure and Confirm

Measure Twice cut Once

After your selection meeting you will schedule a time to meet with your Project Manager in your home. During this meeting they will confirm the plan and measurements of the basement again to ensure everything is accurate.

During this meeting they will also discuss things such as floor protection for the upstairs of your home, dust protection, how workers will enter your home, and an overview of your detailed project calendar. This ensures that there are as little surprises during construction as possible.

Our Logistics team delivers materials to your basement


Project Preparation

Work the Plan

Our Logistics team will deliver materials to your basement and install the dust and floor protection. Any demolition and waterproofing will be completed before we begin your new space. Once everything is in place, your project will be in full swing.

During this meeting they will also discuss things such as floor protection for the upstairs of your home, dust protection, how workers will enter your home, and an overview of your detailed project calendar. This ensures that there are as little surprises during construction as possible.




Building the dream

This is the construction phase of your project. During this time, your Project Manager will be your direct contact for any questions, they will be available through text, email, or phone calls.

Communication is very important during this stage so you will also have access to your online calendar to see exactly when each different piece of the project is set to take place. This calendar is designed to show you the timeline of your entire project. Each of our workers use this calendar to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout construction. Before your project is completed, your Project Manager will perform a final walk through with you to guarantee everything is exactly to your liking and ready for a professional final cleaning before our crews leave.

Finished Basements Plus team


Service and Warranty

We Stand behind our work

After construction is completed and you are enjoying your new basement, we will send you a survey from GuildQuality. Here you can answer questions and rate your experience and services.

We take these surveys seriously. They are how we were able to build such detailed processes to begin with. We use this feedback to train and develop not only our staff but the way we do things.

Once we leave your home, we are not gone. We are always here for our homeowners. We are available for warranty requests and to answer any questions you have. Our service department is ready to tackle any issues that come up for years to come. We are only one call away!

Benefits of Our Materials

Using the appropriate materials for a basement finishing project is critical. Choosing the wrong materials can lead to mold growth and be harmful to you and your family.

Mold Resistant

Mold and water resistant materials designed for the basement environment


We offer a written Lifetime Warranty

Look & Feel

Our materials give your basement the same look and feel as the upstairs of your home

basement flow and floorplan with creative design

Our Basement Materials

Every material we use throughout construction has been carefully researched and designed to be used within the basement. We believe our materials to be the best available! The walls, flooring, ceiling, and even the trim is perfect for the unique environment of a basement where moisture and humidity are prevalent.

framed in basement with steel studs and plumbing with concrete breakup

Basement Walls

There are two main things to look for in exterior wall construction for a basement finishing project.

Wall Construction: The exterior wall must be constructed of materials that will not support mold growth. This means using materials that are inorganic, such as metal studs and rigid foam insulation.

Wall Covering: Mold Defense drywall offers enhanced mold and mildew protection. It contains a non-combustible, mold, mildew and moisture treated core with treated paper on the face, back and edges. Mold Defense drywall is the perfect wall covering for basement finishing.

finished basement traditional wood flooring dark brown

Basement Flooring

It is just a matter of time. Your basement is going to leak, a pipe will burst, or the dishwasher will fail. When it does, all that water will end up on the basement floor. There are a few types of flooring that can withstand the inevitable water event in your basement.

Vinyl Plank: Provides a luxurious wood plank look but is inorganic and water resistant and will not grow mold, rot or buckle.

Vinyl Tile: Has the look of real ceramic tile and are even grouted in place. They look great and are waterproof.

Carpeting: Gives your basement a warm, cozy feel and is an alternative to the water-resistant vinyl flooring options.

entertainment living room space in basement with ceiling detail and floating console table

Basement Ceiling

There are several options to consider when deciding what kind of ceiling works best in your basement. Each provide a different look and feel for your new space.

Suspended Ceilings: Hides joists, pipes, and wires to present a clean, unified look.

Drywall Ceilings: A smooth and finished look with no seams to blend the ceilings with the walls.

Painted Joist: All the details hide into the background and you don’t notice the caulk, splinters and such. Plus it provides an industrial look to match your design. The big debate: black or white painted ceiling?

Finishing Touches

We provide an array of finishing touches to help your basement look and feel like a finished lower level. Things such as LED Lighting, Dehumidifiers, Post Wraps, and more, go a long way in making sure your finished basement is a space you and your family will enjoy.

Basement finishing is no small job. That is why we have set out to make an easy, stress-free option for homeowners. We are your one stop shop for the basement of your dreams! If you would like a free consultation for your basement remodel, we are ready to help! Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation with one of our basement specialists to get started.