Basement Ceilings

Offering Finish Work for Basement Ceilings, Walls & More

Are your basement ceilings scarred with water stains, damaged from previous leaks, or missing altogether in places? If so, it’s time to turn to Basements Plus for a basement finishing project. Our comprehensive services handle every detail of your basement remodeling needs with precision and care, from the basement ceilings and everything beneath them.

Why Choose Us to Work on Your Basement Ceilings?

As a full-service basement finishing contractor, we are the company you can rely on for all of your remodeling needs. We specialize in complete basement renovation services that include your basement ceilings and every other element of the space as well. As part of your basement finishing project, we’ll work with you to ensure your remodeling dreams come to life exactly the way you envisioned them. Our process includes:

  • A consultation to discuss your goals and options
  • A proposal review to finalize your plans
  • Ordering the materials and products of your choosing
  • Measuring and confirming all project details
  • Preparing for the basement finishing construction
  • Completing the basement finishing project
  • Reviewing the service and warranty after project completion

The Basement Ceilings We Offer

At Basements Plus, we’re proud to offer three great ceiling options for our customers. Choose from:

  • Drywall ceiling – Using laser levels, we will install a metal grid system that drops below beams and ductwork when required. We secure MOLD DEFENSE drywall to the grid system to give you a smooth-painted ceiling. Access panels are also added to make it possible to access shut-off valves and other important mechanical features.
  • Suspended ceiling – We install a painted metal grid system that is laser level and framed below the beams and ductwork. We then install Rockfon ceiling tiles. These tiles are made of stone wool and feature mold and mildew resistance. In addition to looking great, our ceiling tiles are GREENGUARD Gold Certified.
  • Painted ceilingDryFall painted ceilings are a great option if you desire a modern, industrial look for your basement. The floor joists, pipes, and ducts are painted, creating a unique look. We install PVC crown molding at the ceiling line to create a crisp line between the ceiling and wall.






To learn more about our basement finishing services and your options for basement ceilings, walls, flooring, lighting, and more, contact Basements Plus today.

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