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Basements Plus Realtor Division

At Basements Plus, our specialists know that real estate professionals have unique needs because of their industry. We understand the sensitive nature of a transaction when a concern is raised by an inspector or potential buyer. We also know that you are working under strict deadlines that need to be met. Our goal is to respect the interest of all parties involved and help you successfully move toward closing.

We are a part of the country’s largest network of waterproofing, foundation repair, basement finishing, and moisture control companies, and we have been serving satisfied homeowners for almost years. Our products are warrantied for the lifetime of the home and are transferable when and if the home is sold again. If you’re interested in working with our team, we can ensure satisfactory service and benefits.

We take pride in our quick response times for real estate professionals. You are a priority, and we want you to know what. We understand that agents and buyers do not always have time to spend waiting for an evaluation. Your appointment will be completed quickly, and unless otherwise stated, we will only assess the issue in question. We also know you are working under a deadline, so we will gladly give you priority scheduling.

We Want to Help You Get the Sale!

Our Specialists will visit your listing and perform a full evaluation and estimate free of charge. We’ll do exactly what you need, hassle-free, to sell your listing — nothing less, nothing more. We want to work with you and your client in order to get the proper work done and to get you closer to closing.

  • Quick response time
    • Inspection within 48 hours
  • Priority Scheduling
    • We make sure the dates that are important to you are important to us
  • Efficient and free estimates
    • We will provide a written proposal within 24 hours of evaluation.
  • No unnecessary work
    • We will inspect the areas that are important to the sale.
  • Transferable warranty
    • Our products are built to last with national-backed warranties

We work in the real estate community every day, so we understand the deadlines are tight. We are prepared to help save the sale of a home, satisfy the unhappy tenant, and work alongside the buyer or seller who is dealing with a foundation or water intrusion problem!

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