Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation Takes Your South Lyon, MI, Basement From Drab to Fab in a Few Simple Steps

Tired of that unused space below your home in South Lyon, Michigan? With the right basement renovation techniques, you can easily transform that gloomy space into a lively area that radiates warmth and comfort.

Set Clear Goals

Start by understanding what you want from your basement renovation. Dream of a home gym, a cozy family lounge, or a spacious playroom for the kids? Setting a clear vision for your basement renovation contractors at Basements Plus to follow will guide the entire project.

Choose Quality Materials

Quality materials matter in basement renovations.

No More Mold

We swear by non-organic products for a reason—they don’t harbor mold. Imagine materials like PVC trim and vinyl flooring that not only look sleek but also keep the air fresh.

Style with Substance

As a renowned diamond cabinet dealer, our recommendations for cabinetry ensure longevity without compromising on elegance.

Trust in Professionals

Finding the right basement renovators makes a world of difference. A professional basement renovation company, like us, brings:

  • Experience – We’ve been turning basements around since 2004.
  • Credibility – Our accolades, including being named the HBA Remodeler of the Year in 2019, reflect our dedication to completing every basement renovation with style and substance.
  • Respect for your home – We treat every home like it’s our own. Your satisfaction is our end goal.

Why Choose Basements Plus?

Beyond just waterproofing and renovating basements, we stand for trust, value, and a smooth journey from start to finish. We don’t pressure our clients— our family-owned touch ensures genuine care. For those looking for convenience, our financing options are tailored for ease. And, when we say we provide the best value for the price, we truly mean it. You’re not just getting a basement renovation. You’re partnering with a legacy of excellence. So, if you commit to embarking on this transformative journey for your South Lyon, MI, basement? Don’t wait. For lasting solutions and a basement you’ll love, contact us today.

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