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Elevate Your West Bloomfield, MI, Home’s Value With Quality Basement Finishing and Waterproofing

In West Bloomfield, Michigan, ensuring the longevity and value of your home begins with superior basement finishing and waterproofing. At Basements Plus, we stand as a family-owned beacon of quality and trustworthiness. We promise not just solutions, but also permanent, lifelong improvements to your home. We emphasize the importance of quality basement finishing and waterproofing to ensure the safety, value, and comfort of your dwelling. Our awards from HomeAdvisor and GuildMaster underscore our consistent excellence and unwavering commitment to you and your home.

Basement Finishing

As the backbone of our services, basement finishing transforms neglected spaces into areas of utility, comfort, and value. We exclusively provide complete basement remodels, reflecting our commitment to comprehensive, top-to-bottom quality.

Basement Waterproofing

In a world full of the inconveniences of moisture and flooding, secure your peace of mind with our basement waterproofing service. Protect your home from potential water damage, mold, and structural issues.

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is a pivotal component in preserving and enhancing the structural integrity of your home. We can rectify and fortify the base your home stands upon.

Crawl Space Services

We also offer comprehensive crawl space packages. Our crawl space services include encapsulation, dehumidification, and drainage, consolidating a spectrum of solutions to defend and uphold your home’s livability.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Breathe cleaner, healthier air with our indoor air quality services. Our robust systems will purge your home’s air of impurities, ensuring a fresher, more wholesome atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

Work With Basements Plus

For all-encompassing solutions and a home that stands the test of time, contact us today. Let us elevate your West Bloomfield, MI, home to its peak of durability, comfort, and value with our basement finishing and waterproofing services.

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